Thursday, October 23, 2014

Review: Les Patisseries

Cafe scene in Singapore is getting so CRAZYYYYYYY~ 

You'll see about 10 cafes popping up every month? The turnover rate is seriously scary. :/

Anyhow, the boy and I decided to go for dessert one night and I chanced upon this really interesting new cafe in the heartland.

Les Patisseries, a fairly new cafe located in the Heartland of Toa Payoh Cental. 

As the name suggests, Les Patisseries specialise in French desserts and pastries. From what I know, the cafe is open by 3 young graduates from our local culinary schools, At-Sunrice and Shatec. 

My hopes are high after knowing this. :D 

The cakes and pastries display definitely did not disappoint. 

Beside patisserie, they do offer savoury menu like brunch, dinner, sandwiches, salad and small bites like quiche and truffle fries. I'm quite impress with the huge selection of food given the scale of the cafe. 

The cafe is really small, almost as big as their kitchen! But it's really cosy and good effort in the decoration! 

Horffles, $9.90.

We decided to have waffles and ice cream in the end, even though the cakes and pastries were really tempting! 

Horffles = Horlick + Waffles. 

A really interesting combination and I've never seen elsewhere. 

When the waffles was served, not just it was aesthetically pleasant (instagram-worthy? :P), the smell was really good! 

Got to say the boy and I have been eating not less than 10 waffles from different cafes and none was as good smelling as this!

Crispy on the outside, while light and fluffy inside. I guess this could be a yeasted waffles? 

Considering how almost every cafe would have waffles and ice cream on their menu, this waffle from Les Patisseries certainly stands out. It is yummy and value for money as well! 

Blk 186 Toa Payoh Central #01-428
Opening hours: 10am-10pm daily 


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  1. We were overjoyed by Les Patisseries at first but that soon turned to horror... You see, their food is ok... but we live just two floors above them... and on many Friday and Saturday nights, they showed us NO MERCY. Our building has a coffee shop and in 10 years of living here, even thought it serves alcohol, it causes us no social problems. In less than two months,with no alcohol served, Les Patisseries breaks local by-laws by putting in double or more the number of outdoor seats... and the resulting rowdy night crowd screams and hollers well past 10:00pm... making it impossible to sleep or watch TV even with all windows closed... We told them about the problem in October, but by early December, we and several other neighbours were forced to call the police on them. Even after we reported it to HDB's commercial unit, they were caught using an NTUC supermarket shopping cart to store restaurant garbage... this afternoon, we took a pic of the front of their restaurant... it clearly had more than the 3 outdoor tables allowed by law... the pic has been passed on to HDB... getting ready for another Friday night of rowdy outdoor customers? Don't care if you disturb the whole neighbourhood again ???