Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Review: Joe & Dough @ Singapore Sports Hub

The quote says all? Heh.

This is a continuation of from the other post which I featured some of the food places at Singapore Sports Hub! Here is another one located at Kallang Leisure Park Mall, Joe & Dough!

Ok, this is one of their many outlet across Singapore. Mr Tan and I were invited for a coffee appreciation at Joe & Dough! :) 

But before that, food first! :D 

If you have followed me long enough, you will know my love my bread and sandwiches! <3 

My Flat White, $4.90.
His Cappuccino, $4.90.

It was Easter weekend, so we got to try their house-made hot cross bun! 

The Ultimate Sandwich, $6.

We came for this!! Created specially for their 6th anniversary! This sandwich is really one of a kind! 
So you're seeing: 
1. Parmesan cheese ciabatta
2. Herbed chicken
3. Honey baked ham
4. Green lettuce 
5. Mozzarella cheese (A LOTTTT)
6. Black olives 
7. Jalapeño cream cheese spread
Some people find the flavours very confusing, but the 4 of us agreed that it was good!

This sandwich is sadly no longer available. :( 
Should totally make this a permanent on the menu! 

Salted beef & caramelized onion jam, $9.50.
This entire sandwich, I like the sweet onion best! The bread itself was too hard for my liking.

Bacon and mushroom melt! $8.20.
Also the most popular sandwich on their menu! Can't see the mushroom, but it was huge and juicy! 

Ham and cheese & sundries tomato, $8. 
This sandwich didn't leave deep impression in me honestly. It was not bad, but not really fantastic that kind. 

Go with the bacon and mushroom melt! :D

Carb overloaded much! Haha! But we still want our sweets! :D

Gula Melaka pancake cake, $5.50.
We got attracted to this piece of cake so much that we ordered 2 pieces to share!
But but.. bad move. T.T
The cake was quite dry. :/

Chocolate trio, $6.50.
Honestly I chose this because I think it was insta-worthy. Haha!
After a disappointing pandan cake, this was fortunately good! It may appear to be really rich, but the cake was actually quite light and not overpowering at all.

 Carrot cake! $6.
But sadly, it was just ok~ wish the cake was more moist! My favourite carrot cake is from here!:D

Zesty orange tea cake, $4.20.
This was a good choice! Buttery and moist! Yums! 

Blueberry yogurt tart, $6.50.
A pretty cake that caught our eyes! I like that it is really refreshing! I'm already planning to replicate at home! Heh. 

Coffee Appreciation! ^^

The head barista educating us one the art of coffee. 

Do you know that a good cup of coffee tasted like tea as well? 
We were taught the right way to drink our coffee too! Literally have to slurp! Haha!

The fun part! We even made our own cups of coffee!! :D

Whoa! It was surely an eye-opening experience for us to be a barista for 10 min! Thank you Joe & Dough for the opportunity! ^^

So here it is~ 

Our virgin attempt! ^^

Check out my dayre (@lirongs) for more photos and stories of our coffee making! Hehe.. 

5 Stadium Walk #01-12 Singapore 397693
Tel: 6348 2848
Opening Hours:Monday - Sunday:8.00am - 10.00pm


He brought me to Gardens by the Bay for the Tulipmania exhibition! My favourite type of flower! <3

Never knew that there are so many different breeds of tulips! Haha! Anyway, the exhibition is till 10th May!:)


ps: wearing that feeling "tiara" on my head because the theme at the exhibition is fairytale. :)


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