Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Recipe: Walnut Carrot Cake // Hotpot soup base

Hello everyone! Recently, the family and I have just celebrated my brother's birthday and this is the cake that I've baked for him this year, a classic American favourite - Carrot Cake. 

It was really well liked by myself and the family! Hehe.. kinda a relieve because I was afraid that they can't accept the fact that there's carrot in a cake? Haha! Ended up they didn't even know it's carrot. LOL! 

Anyway, I received a number of request on my dayre to share the recipe, so here it is~

ps: actually I'm also very excited because I love the cake! :P

Monday, August 3, 2015

Review Art Art And Away Cafe @ Tessensohn Road + {GIVEAWAY} // Din Tai Fung @ NEX

Just last week I was invited to Art Art Away Cafe, a unique decorative art retail store cum dessert cafe!

Located within what I will call another 'cafe paradise', rangoon road, competition is definitely steep! But I think what really stands out at Art Art And Away, compared to other cafes, is their beautiful plating of each dessert! It specialises in signature local desserts in fact, but with a contemporary twist! 

Read on the find out more about this cafe as well as a giveaway at the end! ^^

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Recipe: Soya Beancurd/ Tau Huay/ 豆花

Tau Huay, my type of remedy to a hot and humid day. ^^

I know, I know, why waste the precious time to make my own tau huay when one bowl is probably just $2? 

Well, for that experience right? Haha! And don't you agree that anything homemade just brings a 'wow' factor to the food. :P 

So may I present you a very simple version of homemade tau huay! ^^

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Food in Bugis Part 1 - Hyde & Co. // Symmetry // Artistry

Hello everyone! Because I have been eating too much around Bugis area, so I've decided to compile the places that I've been to into a few posts! Well, Bugis is like a place where youngsters, like me (lol!), hang out right? Hehe..

So yup. I'm starting with the 3 cafes that you probably will want to visit when you're cafe hopping in the area! :) 

First up, Hyde & Co. located along North Bridge Road! 

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Recipe: Truffle Egg Toast

Yet another brunch recipe from me. :P 

Checkout my recipe page for more brunch/breakfast ideas! :)

Ok, so this is a continuation of my Wu Pao Chun's Champion Toast 金牌土司. With that big loaf, I have made a sweet honey thick toast, so now a savoury one. Thick truffle egg toast! I got this inspiration from Carvers & Co, when I was cafe hopping there! ^^

Friday, July 24, 2015

Recipe: Coffee Granola and Kaya Granola Bar

Because of monthly BoxGreen arrived~ 

If you follow my Dayre, you'll realise that I bake granola on a daily basis! Heh. So with my new 4 packets of snacks (MacRitchie Midnight, Green Protein Monster, Berry Dark in Here and Cranberry Fusion), I decided to make something special of out them! ^^

Btw, my discount quote for BoxGreen has been changed to 'lirongs20'. So quote this when you checkout to get 20% off!^^

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Review: Muthu's Curry @ Race Course Road

If you remember, I know you won't. Haha! Last year I wrote an article for on the Top 5 Curry Houses in Singapore. So a year later, I'm back at one of my top pick, Muthu's Curry! ^^ 

I think Muthu's Curry is quite an household name in Singapore? Surely it doesn't need much of an introduction, especially for Indian curry lovers!:) 

For the dinner that I was invited, it was neither to try their renowned Southern or Northern Cuisines. I was invited to taste their Mannuvasani Menu. It is a special menu created to celebrate their 46th anniversary in Singapore! Available for now till 31st October 2015, Mon-Fri at their Race Course Road flagship outlet only! :)