Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Malaysia, Genting, Dec 2016, Day 2 Part 1

Rise and shine~

We checkout our rooms early in the morning before heading for a hearty breakfast at The Food Factory! ^^

Read Day 1 of our trip here.

Located just above First World Hotel, at level 3! It's a huge dining place and can accommodate up to 1300 diners at one time! Good to know that The Food Factory is normally open for breakfast/brunch only! 

Expect a huge hotel alike buffet spread at only RM29 nett (adult) and RM14.50 nett (child)!

Monday, December 19, 2016

Malaysia, Genting, Dec 2016, Day 1

Hello, everyone~

I've just returned from a short family getaway to Malaysia (Genting and Kuala Lumpur). Decided to blog about it because I feel that I've benefited from all the travel blogs that I've read so I want to contribute as well? Haha! 

Anyway, I realised that most travellers will choose to take a bus from Singapore to Genting (which is a freaking long ride), I chose to do away from it. We took a morning flight to KL International Airport then we took Aerobus up to Genting! Save time and much more comfy, I feel. ^^

We took Jetstar by the way and they were having a promo then! Yay! :D 

For more information on how to get to Resorts World Genting refer to here!

Friday, December 2, 2016

Things to do before pre wedding photoshoot

Hello everyone! Look who's back! Haha!

I've recently done my pre-wedding shoot and I'm going to share with everyone, especially fellow brides-to-be (BTB) on what I've done prior to the shoot! ^^ 

Ps: Not an expert of this. Purely sharing on my preparation work. :) 

Bridal Boutique 

By now, you should have confirmed and signed your bridal package. I signed mine with Rico-A-Mona

I admit that I sign with them on impulsion. Haha! Because of that one dress that I really like and I feel that Sinny, my coordinator, and I have some kind of chemistry. Hehe.. So I signed with them soon after. :) 

So far, all is good! ^^

If you're interested to read more about my experience with Rico, go on to read more on my Dayre. I've created this hashtag #SunTanHappilyAfter to document our wedding planning. :)

So after confirming our gowns and suits, we decided on the date for our pre-wedding shoot! I've exactly a month to prepare! :X

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Recipe: Pandan Kaya Bread

Hi everyone! If there's still anyone reading this space. Haha! 

My goodness, the last time I updated this space was in July? :P 

Pardon for the lack of updates over here. I'm still very active on other social media platforms like Instagram and Dayre. Under the same username @lirongs. 

I left because blogging takes up to much time, especially when I have a day job. Also, Dayre is simply a much better platform for 'micro-blogging'. Haha! 

So, why I came back to blogging? 

I think because I it upsets me when I'm not doing the things that brings me here, to share my kitchen experimentation. 

I feel humbled with the number of people requesting me to share my recipes whenever I post on my Instagram or Dayre. Thank you for the love! <3 

I may not make the best meal, may not come up with the best recipes, but I'll still try my best to share. :)

Here's one for a start. 

Bread, one of my favourite food! :D

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Review: Patissez Singapore @ Holland Village, The Mother of all freak shakes!

I'm pretty sure you probably have seen a number of Over-The-Top-Milkshake somewhere? But I'm also pretty sure you wouldn't know where did it originate from? Or who created that hype! :D

 Patissez is the original freak shakes creator from Canberra, Australia!

They deem themselves as 'home of the freak shakes'. I'm sure they are. 

Back then they created a 3 hrs long wait just to get sugar high from these milkshakes! 

Now, they are here to stay! With Singapore being their first overseas venture! :D

Monday, July 4, 2016

Recipe: Matcha Goma Moussecake

Hi everyone!

I hope it's not too late to share the recipe for this cake, Matcha Goma (black sesame) Moussecake. 
The cake that I've baked for my Dad during Father's Day! ^^

My dad is a huge fan of black sesame, hence the birth of this cake. :) 

You know what's great about baking your own cake?

You can customise the cake to the receiver's liking! That's something you can't get easily from off-the-shelf-bakery. ^^ 

To be honest, I'm pretty surprised by how good the cake turned out to be! Definitely surpassed my expectation. Heh. :D 

If you like, you can read more about the story behind this cake on my Dayre. Otherwise, just read on for the recipe! ^^

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Review: Sudio's earphones, the one for the minimalist


Hello everyone! I'm back! Haha! Pretty excited to be working with Sudio once again! :D 

If you have no heard about Sudio, read my previous review on them over here

Basically, Sudio is a lifestyle brand from Sweden which makes elegant and premium earphones.

Aesthetic apart, earphones are ultimately device that enable us to hear over the ears. Sudio definitely 

does more than that! It's studio quality sound is amazing for a small device! 

Before this, I own a pair of VASA earphones in the gorgeous shade of pink. It's so pretty and brings out the feminine side of me! ^^

But this is my curreny obsession - Sudio's latest top-of-the-line wireless earphone, VASA BLÅ