Friday, May 22, 2015

Review: Atmosphere Bistro Bar + Pick Me Up Cafe @ ECP

East Coast Park or ECP has undergone a great change if you didn't know. Right now, there are so many interesting cafes/restaurants/bar gathered at this particular section of ECP, Parkland Green.

Of these, one of them is Atmosphere Bistro Bar! 

I got to say ECP is really getting more and more hype now! The bistro was packed with people on a Thurs night! Like you really need to make a reservation that kind. 
ps: It looks empty here because it was just 6.30 pm then. By 8pm, the bistro was full house!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Review: FYR Cycene Ond Drinc @ Boon Tat St

FYR Cycene Ond Drinc also pronounced as FIRE Kitchen And Drink

Mr Tan and I were invited here for dinner a while back and upon stepping into the restaurant, I was attracted to the rustic interior design and storied wall murals! Felt like I have just travelled back in time! 

Well, the story wall literally explains the reason for the name of "FYR/FIRE". 

Fire - one of the most important elements in life, especially in cooking. 

Monday, May 18, 2015

Review: Foodpanda // Recipe: Roasted Mid-wings

A cosy weeknight dinner with the family. ^^

Nope, I did not make the pizza. 

Usually dinners at home during weeknights will be mostly Chinese food because mummy Sun is not very receptive of non-Chinese food. 

Only during the weekends, then I'll be able to take them as my guinea pigs and cook them 'alien-food' (according to mother).Hahaha! 

My mother is cute like this! She complains but she will still be the one eating the most amount of food! Logic? 

Anyway, I managed to persuade her for a change! Actually more like she had no choice because the guys in the family were super excited when I asked if they would like to have pizza for dinner. LOL! 

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Review: The Royal Mail Restaurant & Bar @ The Ascott

This is my second invitation to The Royal Mail, a  modern British restaurant. 

Previously, I came for their media launch for their revamped menu for their bar (located on level 1), I could still remember how good the roasted beef cubes were! Haha! :P I was told that the fabulous beef cubes were from their restaurant (located on level 2). With that good experience, I was all excited to try the new menu offerings at the restaurant itself this time round! ^^

Well, although beef cubes were not on the menu anymore, we had other treats to replace! :) 

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Recipe: Steamed Savoury Yam and Pumpkin Kueh

If you are drooling over this combination, CONGRATULATION!!!! We can be friends!!!


This combination is specially made from the yam/taro lover, mum and the pumpkin lover, me. 
No fighting~ ^^

It's a really simple recipe, maybe a bit tedious but the result is so amazing! You wouldn't want to eat any yam kueh bought from outside! 

This is just how I spoiled my mother. She no longer eats any of those store bought yam kueh. :P 

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Review: Density Frozen Custard @ Short Street + GIVEAWAY

Have you heard of frozen custard? 

I'm starting to imagine your "???" expressions. Hahaha!

I was like you too, frozen custard? Custard that is frozen? LOL! 


Frozen custard is essential a type of ICE CREAM! 

A little knowledge for you on the history of frozen custard. Ok don't fall asleep yet, something exciting is waiting for you at the end! :D 

It is unique to USA, dating back to 1919! Because of its extremely low overrun and high butterfat content, frozen custard is categorised by the USDA (US Department of Agriculture) as a super premium ice cream! 

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Review: BOCA Singapore @ Bukit Pasoh Road

Good news to all food lovers! The one and only authentic Portuguese Restaurant is one opened in Singapore, BOCA Singapore!  BOCA means "mouth" in Portuguese by the way. The restaurant is opened by 3 Portuguese friends themselves! 

Honestly, you ask me what do expect from a Portuguese restaurant? I have no idea. Haha! The only thing I know about is.... Egg tarts. Lol!

But that's good that we came with zero knowledge about Portuguese cuisine! We are all ready to learn more from the tasting. :)