Thursday, February 11, 2016

CNY 2016 in a nutshell

Alright, I know CNY is 15 days long and this is only the 4th day. 


We only have 2 days public holiday for us to 'bai nian'. 

Started CNY with a good reunion dinner with Mr Tan's family. :)

Huge spread for steamboat! :D 

Monday, February 8, 2016

Happy Lunar New Year: reunion dinner 2016 (recipes included)

Since I'm 守岁-ing, I shall take this time to blog about our reunion dinner this year. :) 

Catch me on dayre for more behind the scene photo! Haha!

As usual, reunion dinner was at home. ^^ 

I don't remember even having reunion dinner outside before? Haha! 

Anyway we have 9 dishes this year for 5 of us (wish Mr Tan could join us as well.. :/). 

Lou Hei, 八宝饭 and Tang Yuan are complimentary of Din Tai Fung. ^^

While the bro and I each made 3 dishes. :)

Let's start with what my bro has made! :D

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Review: Sudio's earphones, the perfect Valentine's Day gift!

By accident, I saw a number of instagrammers posted photos of  Sudio's earphones on their feeds. Inside me I was like, "Wow, this brand's earphones are gorgeoussss~ I wish I have one toooo~" 

It stopped there and I never really go and find out more about the earphones. 

Until, of course, I have the honour to work with Sudio, a lifestyle brand from Sweden which makes elegant earphones and offers studio quality sound for a third of what they would cost in stores!

Best of all, you can now quote me name,  'lirongsValentine' when checkout to receive 15% off the final price! ^^ 

That's why you see a rare selfie of myself and the product that I've picked from Sudio's range of earphones collection! Haha!:P

Monday, February 1, 2016

CNY goodies 2016

Like what I will always do, this post will be on all the yummy goodies I've received from the different brands! ;') 

If you haven't gotten enough of your CNY goodies to last through the 15 days, hopefully this will be useful for you! ^^

#randomfact I always buy way too much food during CNY and we'll take months to clear them all! LOL! But that's the great thing about CNY right? Buy more, share more. ^^

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Recipe: Vegan Matcha Azuki Brownies *easy*

Baked this vegan matcha brownie because I was so inspired by vegan food after the potluck


Don't ask me about my thoughts about going vegan. I'm neutral about it. :)

I think once in a while, some vegan food won't hurt. Take it as a chance to cleanse and detox your body system? ^^ 

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Recipes: Pumpkin Kimchi + Roasted Vegetables // Vegan Potluck

Had an awesome vegan-inspired potluck session with some of the most talented girls I've ever met! <3

Everything on the table was so yummy! :D 

Drooling as I'm looking through all the photos again!! 

I'm not an expert in vegan diet, but I enjoyed this vegan potluck very much! ^^

Monday, January 25, 2016

Review: Eat at Seven @ Suntec City *CNY specials*

Frequent customers of Suntec City would have realised or even been to Eat at Seven, located at Suntec City's sky garden! 

Admittedly, I think Suntec City is getting a bit too complicated for me. Hahaha! I lost my way all the time.. T.T 

Ok, back to topic, of the many new food concepts at Suntec City, Eat at Seven is one that I will really recommend. 


The name itself says all!

Eat at Seven will house 7 different dining concepts from Japan! They are not just any Japanese restaurants, they are one of the best in the country. Currently, only 4 of the tenants have started operations, but I heard that the remaining 3 are opening very soon as well! 

While we wait for the final 3 to arrive in Singapore, we shall get our mouths busy with the current 4 first. :D