Although I hasn’t been updating my blog, my readership has shot up like nobody’s business. Cox ppl were stalking my blog for NUS modules. LOL! Alright, I admit. I does that too. HAHA! But quite scary that there are strangers reading your page :X
Bidding has officially ended for me, quite like my timetable! :D
Meanwhile I’m still in the mist of FOP! Just finished FLAG DAY today! and gonna chiong RAG DAY tml! Another 2D1N in school! and hopefully my LAST stayover in school too! ENOUGH! I have been surviving like 6/5/4/3 hours of sleep for the past 2 weeks! It’s no wonder my head is super aching! :< Meanwhile I’m still doing some IFG things.. Oh well, if any freshies are reading my blog, do consider carefully when you join Science Club, esp. the FOP side. LOL!
Shall update more about SOW’10 and Flag&Rag Day after FOP! Coming Friday!!!