First day of my year 2 semester 1 in NUS! Hmm.. not that awesome? HAHA!
10-12pm: attended only 40mins of GEK1519 before heading to meet the DEAN.
Alright, the dean is kinda cute? HAHA! At least he crack jokes! :D
Hungry like mad during the session, was thinking why didn’t they prepare a mini buffet for us? :X
Chiong down to half my lunch. H-U-N-G-R-Y
Vegetarian food! Btw, I just had pumpkin ytd night for dinner. LOL!
When I’m hungry, I’ll always go for the vegetarian stall, cox it’s like the quickest and huge portion! :X So I’m always queuing for my vegetarian food as I’m always hungry. :X  LOL!
After lunch went to Club room to slack, it’s really like school term hasn’t start la!
2-4pm: LSM2103. I wanted to die in the lecture! Cell Bio is like so so so so DRY! And I can finally feel the different bet. lv 1000 and 2000 mod! :( Can’t catch anything :(
4pm-6pm: ST1232. My Prof rox! HAHA!
Not a very good start for the semester!  On a side note, it’s quite interesting to see so many familiar faces in school and saying ‘hi’ to people almost anywhere and everywhere! HAHA! AND AND! There are people coming up to congrats me on the ‘RAG & FLAG’ awards! SO COOL! But the thing is I don’t rmb knowing that person :X HAHA!

Feel so tired after the day in school :X