I think I’m going to die of lack of sleep soon. So I shall head to bed after I blogged, since memories are still fresh in me! :P
Sat/ 28.08:
I wonder if yesterday was a super auspicious day or something. Everything seen to be falling on it. LIKE WHAT THE HELL! :(
1. Ubin Field trip (die die have to go)
2. IFG Road Relay (yes! Don’t need to go :X)
3. D&D ( I went in the end! :D )
4. Sharon’s 21st party (NOOO~ super upset about this! :( Luckily sharon dear wasn’t upset. :X)
5. Beth’s 20th bash (Ok, I dont club. Still ok :D )
Ya.. So in the end I only attended Ubin and DND!
Woke up at damn 5am in the morning! I want to die~~ Cox I actually slept at almost 3am :( Becox I was actually quite upset, no I’m PISSED but some parasite relatives of mine! :( and was also doing Sharon dear a card!

Hope she likes it :D
The end result of a less than 3 hrs sleep = blacker eye rings, thick eye bags and swollen eyes! YES! I GOT A PAIR OF SWOLLEN EYES ON D&D! T.T
I never thought that I would be on such an 'old school' boat.
Caught Sunrise in the middle of the sea! So beautiful!
Walked from 8am to 12pm in Ubin = shagged. Rannessa and I die off after walking like 2 hours. HAHA! I think we were the slackest among all the rest :X Sorry I’m just not a bird-watcher. :X It was more like a hiking trip for us. HAHA! We were walking damn fast (together with some other girls), not becox we r being super enthu to explore the ecosystems in Ubin, but cox WE CAN’T WAIT TO GO BACK TO THE JETTY AREA! LOL!
I seriously love my ecology group people too! So easy to get along with them! Esp. the girls! They love to eat too! We actually brought a lot of food!
Me: D-plus red bean, a loaf of wholemeal bread, guava and lemon peel slices
Ran: Butterscotch bread (damn nice!)
Other girls: Butter cookies (<3) Chocolate fudges.
OMG! So shiok u noe! As said we were walking way ahead of the rest. So the 4 of us tend to sit and walk for the others to catch up. HAHA! So we were like picnic-ed  in the middle of Ubin. HAHA! I think this was my greatest experience in Ubin, maybe I should write this in my report. LOL! Siva gonna vomit blood. haha!
Kenny drove Ran and I back to Sengkang after which. SO NICE! :D
Bathed and went Fairmont Hotel to meet FLAG COMM
The room was AWESOME!
Beautiful room with super nice bed!
and nice scenery too!
CW-ed as usual before all the girls reached and we got ourselves changed and make-up (a bit bit only).
Took tons of photos! But not all uploaded yet. Can’t wait to see them! :D
Food wise was OK. Pass-able I guess, but considering it was Swiss Hotel, I’m actually expecting more. But thanks to the entertaining programmes, we didn’t really pay much attention to the standard of food. And I care less about my ‘strict’ diet. I think I’m never gonna recover. :X Fried, spicy, cold, sour.. whatever u named it, I ate it during the dinner. :X Heng heng mummy not around. HAHA!
Science King and Queen was like the highlights of the event. Both my ECs in it. AND the rock won! WHOOHOO! The girl is also quite pretty too!
D&D ended like around 12am then we took many many many photos before heading back to hotel at 1am like that. HAHA! You can see that there were camera flashing everywhere! Everyone is like so GLAM!
Went back hotel to change and headed to McDonald for supper with the SMMC and Flag Comm~ Initially want to go Rocher. But a bit lazy to walk :X
I thought since I have already broken so many rules during the dinner. One more mouth of cinnamon melts wont kill~
I love cinnamon roll!!! :D :D :D But! I think the one from McDonald is like overly SWEET!
Then walked around City hall area looking for an operating 7-11 so that Hidaya can get her Breakfast. My poor legs. T.T
Sat down at McDonald again to HTHT until almost 4am before returning to hotel to continue our HTHT with HUIZHEN! GOSSIP GOSSIP UNTIL 6AM before we finally decides its time to sleep :X
I was damn tired! It was the juicy gossip that was keeping me awake! HAHA!
The greatest news was that Huizhen, Hidaya, tingx and I actually share an EC! OMG! I didn’t expect him to be so popular among the girls :X
Woke up at 11am cox need to checkout by 12pm. :X
Went to have brunch at THE SOUP SPOON! My favourite dining place for now!
Roasted pumpkin soup with Asian Tofu
I love it!! Never love eating salad so much you know! HAHA!
I wanna return again~ And guess how much my meal costed? $10 only!
‘Stole’ food from the rest too.. overall I think the cafe is really not bad. Esp when it is able to cater to my special needs now :D
Alright, time to sleep! Shall mug in school tml ( 3 projects to clear! T.T) Then head to Marina Square for dinner with KATANA! HIDAYA TO SAFEGUARD YOUR LIFE, YOU BETTER BRING THE VOUCHERS!
Alright, definitely gonna miss FOP’10!

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