Time seriously flies~ I can’t believe I’m 4 weeks done with my semester 1! In no time I’ll be facing with project/essay deadlines, tests, mid term and finals! OMG! :O
I’m trying hard to start mugging, let’s not let what happened in year 1 repeats!
Passed 1 week have been gotten busy – outings, schoolwork and family stuffs. But still, I’m happy! for now. ;)
Monday, 30/08: KATANA outing!
We went to Swensen’s to use our $40 from SCAMP! haha! SCAMP’s like so long ago~ LOL! Booked table at 7pm @ Marina Square. In the end most of them turn up after 8pm. >.< I was going to die of hunger! So were the rest who were early :X Seriously I CANNOT IMAGINE MYSELF FASTING! I think my body will be even more screwed up than now. HAHA! I salute  all the Muslims!
Swensen's~ I realised I haven't been thr for almost a year I guess! Can't blame, I'm just not a fan of it. :X
The menu is just so not EXCITING!
Camwhored while we waited for the rest! Hidaya and I were like the earliest when we were alrdy late! My god!
Didn't they say being early birds is good? :( The early birds , us, were STARVING!
Swensen's all time favorite - Grilled fish with Sambal (served with vege and mashed potato)
What were the sambal and mashed potato doing on my plate? (Pretend never see). Seriously, I CAN’T LIVE W/O CHILLI LA! The dish was not very impressive to be labelled as ALL TIME FAVORITE. At least I wouldn’t order this again when I revisit.
Good thing always will go to an end. Grp photo is a must! :D
Had a great time chilling with KATANA! Looking forward to more outings! :D Means bigger hole in my pocket! T.T
Wednesday, 01/09: GAMBIT’S OUTING!
Plan: Finished bloody Ubin report and go Jushinjung for dinner with GAMBIT!
Turnout: Report, undone. Dinner, accomplished! yay! :D
The place was at Yess Centre, just opposite Har Paw Villa.
Haven been wanting to go since long long long ago~ Finally the day has come! YAY!
Ju Shin Jung~
The best thing about this place is that, the side dishes are refillable! like buffet? Maybe! HAHA! Can eat all we want! Furthermore right, the amount of side dishes they have were so scary! Eating them alone is enough to fill the stomach!
Get what I mean? These are all side dishes only! NO JOKE!
Just too many food, so gonna highlight those that I like only ;)
Pumpkin paste!
Pumpkin pancake! Can't rmb how many rounds did we order :X Under the kitchen cldn't handle. LOl!
Kimchi pancake! This is ordered by us separately. NICE! SO SPECIAL!
kimchi~ not sure if the korean have it this way too. WAY TOO SALTY!
appetizer, very nice! I like, but the rest don't really like. So I had 3 bowls of this. LOL.
Ice cream? NAH~ It's sweet potato! SO CREATIVE! Anw not bad also!
The rest shared 3 plates of meat ( 1 beef + 2 porks) I can’t share with them so I had a kimchi soup + rice set!
Hot & spicy is so my thing ;)
So are you tempted to visit the place? I’m definitely going back for more! For the amount of food I had, I only paid like $18.50, so worth the satisfactory! ;) ( pocket hole is getting bigger ) But! Most importantly is the company! Had so much fun and laughters catching up with them! ;)  Especially funny to have fatty trying to guess who is ‘newly-added’ LOL!
Apparently i think I had a chilli overdose that my stomach wasn’t feeling good. :( Still gonna eat though! rebel eh? YES! :D
Other eats:
Mission accompanied to try all the 3 salads in MEGABITES
No. 3: Potato Salad. I didn't break my rule! I had this salad before I knew I couldn't take potato anymore! A piece of advice, consume it straight after u bought it. I had it like 1.5hrs later, it was weird then.
No. 2: Pasta Salad. It was nice for the first few mouth, but as you eat it gets oilier at the bottom. Too much onion also. :X
No. 1: Thai Chicken Salad. Awesome! Great variety of vege in it! Love the grilled chicken! and the spicy thai sauce too! :X
Anw each box is like $2.90. If I ever have again it would be the thai chicken salad! BEST! :D
Usual vegetarian bee hoon during rush hour :X
Carrot cake, why am I even eating this :X
Yong Tau Foo seem to be the 'safest' food for me now. Like it this way ;)
Conclusion: Seem like the more you can’t have something, the more you want it. This is apparent to me. :P
PS: I think I’m obsessed with newly added. Think becox he is newly added that’s why. HAHA!