Friday, December 16, 2011

The last 21st party of the year

Hello I just came back from the last 21st party of 2011, Shu Qing's 21st party! :) Actually not really a party rather a small gathering among her friends and family. :D

No choice but to drive to her place, because she lives at Bukit Gombak. No way I'm taking public transport there especially what happens to our dear SMRT yesterday. >.< So I braved the storm and got trapped in traffic jam. A half an hour journey became an hour one. I was kinda scare inside the car. lol! Because it was dark, heavy rain and cars were squeezing here and there. :/ Felt like I'm a baby fish in an ocean filled with sharks. LOL!

Despite reaching at 7+ when the party was 6pm, I was still one of the earliest. -.- NUS peers only Izhar, Aloysius, Aik Xin, Jia Xin and I. Being with them is like so stress! Conversation will never leave the topic of studies. Even their jokes are studies-related! You know what, they actually remember every single thing the profs said since year 1. Now I know why my CAP and their CAPs are so different. haha!

Speaking of the party, It's no wonder Shu Qing is so caring and nice! Her whole family is like her! They prepared so much food! BBQ and even cooked food, desserts alone were like 4 different kinds! The parents and uncles aunties will go round and make sure you have a lot of food in your plates and that you are eating them and not just chatting! Haha! Was quite funny when we were chatting happily then suddenly this auntie will pop her head in and 'scold' us for not eating. LOL! Really like her family a lot! So cute! :D

How much have I ate? The amount that made the guys went, 'ok, Lirong going for food shopping AGAIN' lol! Her food all very nice can?! Somemore I can't really relate to their chim chim topics, so I can only keep my mouth busy by eating. :/

Enjoyed this causal gathering very much, a very Shu Qing style! haha!

Ok, the guys have also stressed me on FYP! :( I want to cry! I don't like lab! T.T

Sign.. Let me enjoy Christmas first bah! Hohoho!

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