Saturday, December 17, 2011

菠萝包 / Melon Pau again!

It's rare that both my parents request me to bake this bread again. Of course I'll do it for them! :)

I think I did a better job compared to my first attempt. More butter used and I glazed with maple syrup! 

Before 2nd proving

Proved for 45mins


Glazed with maple syrup! 

This bread is made with the same recipe as my first attempt but with plain flour. As expected, the bread is much softer, which I like. :D 

Anyways, Just finished watching 步步惊心. Hmm..  I still like 宫-锁心玉 better! haha! 步步惊心 good too, but it's like a normal imperial-related drama. While 宫-锁心玉 is more special, a bit more modern feeling in it! In fact resembles 'Boys over flower'! Think that's the reason why I like  so much! :)

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