Friday, April 27, 2012

Holiday is coming

Good day! I'm seriously having a good day, as of now. :) Just finished my pharmaco paper and was so relieved! My brain feels so much lighter now! Haha! I'm so thankful that dear brain did not decide to fail me last minute. Thank you dear brain! I love you many! LOL! Sorry I'm hyperactive now, too excited and over-stimulation of serotonin. LOL LOL! Ok, I'm try to control myself!:X

Anyways, next and final paper is like 3 days later. :( How I wish today is the last paper! :( Seriously I rather you give me consecutive days of exam or one day 3 papers i'll also gladly accept. Just dont let me wait for days to do my papers! I really cannot handle slow-death~ Let me die at one go can't? >:( hahahaha! My logic. But I think I'll be behaving like exam is over as for now. I'm always losing my momentum towards the end. :/ Last paper is LSM3224 and I really don't have to mood to study it. One, the cancer part is more or less self-explanatory since I have already gone through tumor biology! Two, Prof Wong's notes are like got study or don't study also doesn't make any difference. T^T

Conclusion: holiday mood on. I'm going lunch and shopping now! :D

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