Monday, April 23, 2012

Get over with

Beginning of this semester, I have a big goal. I was telling myself if my exam luck is good again, I probably can accidentally graduate with a 1st class honor and get dean listed again? We have to dream big don't we? :P

Yups so everything went smoothly, until I realised how much of a killer module LSM4243 is and how heavy a module LSM3224 too. :( ButI finally gave up on working hard after getting my LSM3214 CA3 results. :/ That explains my not-so-exam-mode right now. I was gaming with my bro just now when I'm still not sure what to do with tumor bio and hasn't start to memorize all the 100+ drug names awaiting me. :/ Oh wells, because I figured that to maintain my 2nd upper, I just need to score B+ for all. I think this is still possible with minimum effort? Haha! Ok. I'm actually feeling quite relieved not to chiong that 1st class now! :P

To think of it, actually how many students actually 'willingly' proceed with the final year? It's more like the society that is pressuring students to do that horrible FYP and get that damn piece of paper with that title. Ok, I well over it. :)

Picture of me with my current favourite: Polka dots! :)

K bye~ 


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