Friday, May 4, 2012


Went down to meet my FYP Prof this morning. One word, stress. :( 

Stepped into the office
Me: Hi Dr Se...
Prof: Oh you are here. So you didn't do my question for human pharmaco? 
Me: ...
/fake the brightest smile
Me: No, I did! Hahaha! 

You say stress a not?! Just stepped in only and prof started asking about exam. I wonder what would happen when I take cancer pharmaco which is his module. :/ Aiyoyo!

Anyways, my project is settled, will be working on renal carcinoma and STAT3 pathway. Kinda excited and scare at the same time. :XxX I know I said this before, but I must must must say this again! I'm so so so thankful to be working under Dr Sethi! As for now he really motivates me to work hard for that A+/A and he's really super nice, understanding and encouraging! The prof keep pushing me to go for 1st class but I can only reply him with a sheepish smile. Haha! He doesn't know how screwed am I for this semester. :P Oh wells, no matter what I cannot be more thankful than this after I heard so many negative remarks on other profs. Like arrogant etc. So this definitely is a good start. :) Well, maybe the only downside is I have to start lab on 15May. I know right!! Prof why you no give chance. :( Yes and more readings to come, I'm gonna be haunted by all the research journals again. :/ 

 bye bye holiday. 

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