Saturday, May 19, 2012

Kimchi Soup

Weekends have become so precious now that FYP started. :') That's because my usual semester timetable is too slack. LOL! 

So I spent the Saturday nua-ing at home, in my 'entertainment room' Life is so good for that moment! :D Anyways, if I don't tweet or reply to your whatsapp that's because I'm in the basement! No reception there sorry. :X 

Taken with instagram

Decided to try something different for dinner tonight.

I love kimchi but has never thought of making them at home. Since I chanced upon a good recipe while blog-hopping,  it's fate that I'm gonna have you for dinner! :D 

1. Kimchi (김치)
2. Pork belly, cut into strips
3. Napa Cabbage(大白菜), cut into thick sections
4. Silken Tofu, cut into thick section
5. Stalks of Spring Onion, cut into sections
6. Medium Brown Onion, sliced
7. Garlic Cloves, minced
8. Gochujang(고추장)


1. Place a hot pot or pan on the stove, saute minced garlic with some 1 teaspoon of sesame/cooking oil till fragrant. Add in pork belly and cook till it changes colour to almost white.

2. Add onion, spring onion, kimchi and gochujuang and give it a quick stir till combine before adding water and bring to boil. 

3. Add in napa cabbage and simmer over the mixture over medium low heat for about 10 minutes

4. Lastly add in tofu and simmer for about another 5 - 7 minutes

5. Ready to serve.

Notice that I don't put any quantity to my ingredients? One I don't measure my ingredients, I think it's quite silly to do so (baking is another thing) I go by my instinct and experience. LOL! Second I have a family of big eaters. If I do specify the amount of ingredients and state to feed a family of 4, you probably can feed a family of 8 instead. :/ 

 1st attempt on kimchi soup! (Y)  (Taken with instagram)

Was quite worried that the parents might not be able to accept since it's not very 'chinese', but luckily it turned out that they love the soup too, especially mummy! :D 

Braised pork belly. #food  (Taken with instagram)

Braised pork belly 

It will be shocking to say that my braised pork belly is 100% oil-less. Yes, I'm serious! :D

The most delicious food is always the most sinful too. #truestory  (Taken with instagram)

I normally choose the most fatty part of the pork belly and pan fried it until all its fats melt to become oil. See I don't need any extra oil! ^^ Plus, animal fats give an extra fragrant to the dish! This is call killing 2 birds with 1 stone. LOL! 

Ok, bye I'm going down to basement. :P

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