Friday, May 18, 2012

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Have been feeling really shagged and tired lately that my biological clock is finally being overcome! Super happy about this because it's really crazy to wake up automatically at 830am every morning despite sleeping really late the night before. :/ Yes, so I'm like waking up at 11am now! Yay! 

Anyways, I have already started my FYP which is why I'm so worn-out and tired. Shall blog about this some other time! :) 

Good memories by my bed. :)  (Taken with instagram)

I have this on my wall and am totally loving it! 

Omg! Thai preserved guava!! I miss u so much! :’) (Taken with instagram)

Look what I have here! Thailand preserved guava! I found this in NTUC the other day when I was doing grocery-shopping. You cannot imagine how excited I was! I have been craving and thinking about them ever since my last trip to Thailand! Like 4years ago? Haha! Gonna restock them before they run out! :D 

How we eat mayonnaise at home. 😁 #fatdieus  (Taken with instagram)

I shocked my friends with this tub of mayonnaise I have in my fridge. My whole family loves mayonnaise! But who doesn't eh? We can just eat plain rice by mixing with mayo! Sinful I know so we'll try to restrict. :X 

Lychee jelly! :D #food  (Taken with instagram)

Also always having a tub of jelly in my fridge too! :D

Yummy lunch! (Y)  (Taken with instagram)Hello supper. :D  (Taken with instagram)

Had some leftover satay from BBQ so I toasted them and had them with fried rice as lunch and kept the remaining as supper while I shake leg and catch up with Gossip Girl. #likeaboss

Ok, I'm done spamming my instagram photos. LOL! 

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