Sunday, June 10, 2012

Goodwood Park Hotel, Durian Fiesta 2012

Tea time! :)  (Taken with Instagram)

Met up with Paula, Juyin and Ally for our durian afternoon tea at Goodwood Park Hotel. :)

#puff #cake #dessert #durian  (Taken with Instagram)

We each ordered their signature durian puffs ($6 for 2 pieces)

😍😍 #food #dessert  (Taken with Instagram)

Too pretty to be eaten.

#durian #dessert  (Taken with Instagram)

Shared a piece of their legendary durian mousse cake ($10.80/piece)

#durian #dessert  (Taken with Instagram)

Shared also a durian strudel ($10.80/piece)  Apparently my favorite piece too. :)

Yummy!:D (Taken with Instagram)

Now you can watch me as I feast. :P

Trying to let the strudel melts faster. Lol!  (Taken with Instagram)

The thing with the desserts is that there were like all frozen! So we had to like wait damn long just for them to defrost before we can enjoy them~ Seriously, no matter what, YOU HAVE TO WAIT FOR THE DESSERTS TO DEFROST! Otherwise it's gonna be like eating hard rock icy durian fresh. :/ But we slowly lose our patients eventually and decided to just increase the surface area to volume ratio so as to enhance the rate of 'melting' LOL! #sciencestudentftw

So this afternoon tea took us like 3 long hours? #likeataitai
But it was like a really good time together because it was filled with GOSSIPS! Haha! Spent the waiting time digging our way to hell. :X 

Yes we are all going to hell. Yahoo! I have got companies! ^^

Hello~ someone up there, 1.5m thank you!! ^^ (Taken with Instagram)

Paula taught Juyin and I how to buy toto. lol! 
1.5millions thank you very much! ^^

#shoes #blackandwhite  (Taken with Instagram)

Wore my new platform for Hong Kong. 

I really is love this #shoes :D  (Taken with Instagram)

I really like it!:D

The irony is though my wardrobe is flooded with clothes, I happened not to know what to wear today. D: Felt like I have got nothing to wear. T.T 

#ootd #colors  (Taken with Instagram)

I think I changed 4/5 outfits and got really pissed off that I HAVE GOT NO CLOTHES TO WEAR! 

#ootd  (Taken with Instagram)

Decided to just wear this in the end. LOL! 

Woes of a woman. 

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