Sunday, June 10, 2012

CQ's birthday

After a very satisfying high-tea with the girls, I went 813 next for Chuan Qiang's birthday celebration. 

Yum!:D dinner~  (Taken with Instagram)

Steamboat is the dead of me. I just cannot control my appetite when it comes to steamboat.

#food #cake #birthday #blackforest  (Taken with Instagram)

Black forest cake

I forgot to ask where did they get this cake from, because it is the BEST blackforest I have ever tried and I', never really a fan of blackforest in the first place!  

Taken with Instagram

Birthday boy, one of the vainest guy I have ever known! LOL!

Taken with Instagram

His birthday wish is that his hair will be messy-free forever. I know right!

Our 'family' is growing! :D

Johnathan and Chuan Qiang squeezing in the front seat! Oh my! Hahaha!  (Taken with Instagram)

Decided to head out for Superbowl and the 7 of squeezed onto Qiao car because I refused to go back and get mine. That's John and CQ infront! :P

Taken with Instagram

I'm never a bowling person, because I suck and it broke my nails. But peer pressure what to do? :/

Reached home after 1am and diligently scanned my Polaroid films before I collapsed.

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