Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Love Rain, 사랑비

Hello! I'm blogging now because I have a 6hours incubation time to kill, wait 4hours now. Still it's such a pain! :( 

Anyhow, as the title suggest, this is all about rain love. 

I'm so glad I did watch it in the end, because this is so good! 
Ok, so at first I didn't really want to watch because there's a lot of negative reviews on the drama and I can't stand my Jang Kuen Suk oppa...

looking like this... 

Lol! His character in the beginning. I know right! 

But actually also quite cute, sometimes. 

But my heart melts when they reached the modern days. 

 Need to say more?

And Yoona too!! 

You really can't blame guys for going crazy after her, because I do too. :/ 

Awww~ such a sweet couple. :')

Life is so unfair right? Imagine they really got married, their kids gonna be ridiculously CUTE, PRETTY, HANDSOME, for all the best genes combined. 

Anyways, I thought the drama was nothing like the negative reviews. In fact I like it more than rooftop prince! :D I think because I don't really like dramas that have a lot of scheming and things, plus my biggest bias is in it. ^^

Heart dies. 

Current whatsapp wallpaper now! :D 

Ok, too bimbo post! hahahaha! :P

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