Saturday, July 7, 2012

Chillax Saturday

Hello everybody! How's weekend for everybody? 

Lazy on bed~ #morning #sky (Taken with Instagram)

I was lazying on bed this morning before the brother called to ask if I wanna head out for movie. 
Free movie why not?

Eh, I don't especially like it though. Please don't watch if you have a weak heart alright? It's not that the movie is very scary but it's too bloody for my liking. I like horror films in fact, but not those bloody or chop heads/limbs type. I cannot. 
So when I feel the blood/chopping is coming, I'll be very actively feeding on my popcorn.

Forget about the calories. #justeat :D (Taken with Instagram)

Upsized Big Mac and 20 pieces of McBITES. 
Brother and I had a big tub of popcorn during the movie so we decided to share lunch!
I repeat, Shaw @ NEX has the best popcorn! 

A cup of tea, oreo, blue sky and my work.  (Taken with Instagram)

Spent the afternoon sipping on green tea and munching on my oreo, while I mark my 160 pieces of worksheets. 

But holyshit! I finished 6 packs of oreo in the process.

I felt so guilty and sinful that I agreed to go running  jogging with the brother.

But came home and ate so much for dinner again. 

Okay, bye! 

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