Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Lunar New Year Day 3

So we are finally at the last day of the CNY holiday. :( :( :(


How I kill time while waiting for the relatives to come. 

Steamboat for lunch, again.

Imagine I have to prepare this table of food all by myself previously when I did not have my maid. 

'Yay we ate the most' 

After meal exercise. 

Jayan the 'monster'

He's too adorable! Because he didn't like to eat grapes, so he went round to force the grapes into everyone's mouth. 


Seriously, this is the first time I ate so much during CNY! Not complaining though, I believe eat now and regret later. LOL! 

So the festive is more or less over. No more visiting, it's back to school. Sigh.. I have a major test coming up and I've yet to prepare. *cries*

Goodbye CNY'13! Already anticipating for 2014!!! 

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