Thursday, February 28, 2013

Review: Swee Choon Dim Sum

A foodie night out with some of the IG foodies.  @lirongs (me, obviously) @davidsg_ @yellowfingers @discotilldawn@chaverry @jitterhaps @furreen @beixin

The background like more exciting only. :P


The Portuguese egg tarts were really awesome!

Legendary mee sua kueh

Can't really remember the name, some pork floss pancakes which I like too. 

Redbean paste pancake was a disappointment. Would be better if banana was added. 

Too much Liu Sa Pau? How about Liu Sa Pumpkin? :D

Liu Sa Pau. Ordered this the last to ensure that it was served hot. 

 Sweet ending. All of us highly recommend the mango pudding! 

Because I love orh nee. 


Like a busy right? :D :D :D

 The people. <3

Was really a great meet up with all of them!!! Hopefully my black hole didn't fright them. :PpP Hahaha!!! Well, so glad that there was zero awkwardness (most of the time) and seriously I love each and every of them!!! I'm definitely looking forward to more outings with them. :)

Swee Choon Tim-Sum Restaurant Pte Ltd
Business Hours:
Monday-Sunday: 6pm-6am
Close on Tuesday

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