Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Review: Habitat Coffee (Cafe hopping at Upper Thomson Part 2)

After our 'appetizer' at Little Pancakes, we crossed the road and hopped over to Habitat Coffee.

We were there about 2pm and they were full house :(  So we had to wait for the next available table, well we know how to kill time best.  

We managed to get a table after a 15 mins wait. The whole cafe is a little packed I guess to accommodate to more tables. Otherwise the ambience is really good, soft lighting and vintage settings, just how I would wish to spend my afternoon at. 

Habitat coffee is known for their coffee, we had their Mocha and Cafe Latte, which did win 
our hearts. Being a non-coffee lover I ordered their Ice Habitat Fusion Tea (Lychee), pictured above. It was really refreshing and doesn't taste artificial like some other tea drinks.  

Yes, we ordered so much despite the being stuffed with pancakes previously. That's the fun of cafe hopping! :D 

Chef's recommendation - The Big Ben. 

Scrambled egg Benedict on english fluff, chicken swiss cheese sausage, grilled tomato and mashed potatoes. 

We absolutely love this, the entire combination was perfect for our palates. Though the scrambled egg is not the creamy type which I prefers, I love the texture of this as well, which is more firm. This is definitely the best breakfast plate I've ever eaten.

Do give this a try if you're looking for something filling. 

Eggs Benedict.

Poached eggs, honey baked ham on english muffin topped with homemade hollandaise sauce.

I'll always get mad excited when I see eggs benedict on the menu. I need to order! :D I guess the excitement comes when you see that flowing yolk lava. Aww~ It's just plain sexy. As seen from the photo and my Instagram video, Habitat Coffee's eggs benedict definitely did not disappoint. <3

Habitat's Ham and Cheese Sandwich.

Honey baked ham with a generous spread of cheese and wild rockets. 

We ordered this because we wanted to have something more filling and sandwich immediately came into my mind and boy I'm so glad we got this. The sandwich was served warm and the first bite in was the explosion of cheese in your mouth! Do you have any idea how touched I was? :') 

Truffle Fries.

When I asked for recommendations at Habitat Coffee, I'll always get 'truffle fries, it's the best'. So I gladly did and yes, I get it. It was awesome. 

I'm sorry to starve you, my diners, please pig dig in. :P

Habitat Coffee is now my favourite cafe on the list, everything was awesome! We didn't get the chance to try their cakes though (which were recommended as well). Well, this gives me an excuse to revisit. :D 

233 Upper Thomson Road
Tel: +65 6456 2567
Operating hours: Tues-Fri: 11:00 - 22:30
                         Sat-Sun 10:30 - 22:30
              Closed on Mon


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