Friday, March 28, 2014

It's my birthday (part 1)

Hello! If you are unaware *insert sad emoji*, I have recently aged... Hahaha! Yeah, it was my birthday a week ago. ^^

Had an early celebration with my family and the boy at Momiji Japanese Restaurant. 

Yes, free-flow buffet. Somehow, the only place my family would patronise whenever we dine out is any restaurant that serves buffet. LOL! 

Free-flow Sapporo before 1.30pm, if you're there for their Sunday brunch too. 

Not going to show every single plates that I ate (which will be crazy amount), just some interesting ones, like these snails? I was hesitant at first, but I'm so glad I picked up the courage to try! Love the chewiness of the meat! 

Of course, free-flow salmon sashimi. The very innovate mummy actually doesn't fancy anything raw, so she cooked it using the hotpot served. Well, an idea for you if you don't like raw food too. 

The desserts. 

I have been Momiji quite a few time and I believe they have made some changes to their dessert spread, which include the removal of the popular chocolate fondue. </3 

Anyway, desserts were kinda mediocre, EXCEPT, the mochi. :D Yes, I'm highly bias over here. 

Mochi! The flavours include, red bean, black sesame, matcha and peanut. 

Ice cream for you? 4 flavours to choose from over though. My favourite is the raisin and rum! 

Anyway, if you're interested to know, Momiji is having snow-crab on their buffet menu now. For a limited period of time though. Do check out their website if you're a snow-crab lover! :) 

Now, enough say of food. Visuals of my lovely family. <3 

Thank you the boy for the most beautiful bouquet of flower. <3 

The most supporting family one can ever ask for. Thank you daddy and mummy for always showering us with endless-love and always placing our needs before anything else. :') 

Thank you for coming into my life, grumpy boy! :P 

Finally, thank you the boy for taking the effort to set up the KTV room at home!!! 

I'm truly blessed with all the lovely people in my life. :')

Thank you myself for baking this mango mousse cake. LOL! Will share the recipe soon I promise! ^^



  1. My boyfriend doesn't like raw salmon sashimi (he was scarred LOL), so he would too cook it with hotpot if there is any. Otherwise, he wouldn't even consider touching it. Tsk.

  2. So sweet~~~ There’s always something about flowers that makes people feel good~ Haha flowers always makes a girl’s day! The bouquets I came across at Floral Garage looks really pretty too ! Thinking of getting one to display on my dining table as they offer vase option too OMG!