Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Review: Arashi Shabu Shabu

Another food spot in City Square @ JB that I'm going to recommend to everyone. :D In fact I was there for 2 consecutive weekends!


Salmon Fish Shabu Shabu in Tomyum Broth, RM29.90 (addition RM1 for the soup).

The boy and I shared a set on our first visit and we really enjoyed the meal! I guess we were really craving hotpot and tomyum. Yum yum! :D 

Pumpkin koroke, RM8.90. 

Of course this was for me. :D A little too oily for me though. 

Pan-fried dumplings, RM9.90.

Juicy and very generous filling! 

Had a very satisfying lunch and so.. 

We came back again. Haha! 

Seafood combo with Tomyum and Spicy Sichuan soup broths, RM49.90. 

Anyway there are like 9 different soup broths that you can choose from. Some very funny ones include milk broth and milk & mala broth. If you're adventurous enough do give them a try and let me know! :D

Can you feel how much we love hotpot and spicy food now? :P 

The seafood combo for 2. I especially love the fishballs with fish roe filling! 

I'm kinda salivating as I'm typing this post. T.T 

Not exactly very cheap to dine here as compared to other restaurant in JB. But we are willing to pay as long as it's worth the price. :) 


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