Friday, March 6, 2015

Ad: Driving in style with Peugeot 308

TGIF everyone! 

Hopefully the week has been good so far for everyone. 

It's Friday, it's time to relax and take a break! 

So take a minute or two to go through these short lyrics (adapted from A1 - like a rose) and guess what this song is trying to illustrate ya?

When I turn on the lights
you shine on the road
Bright and strong
With a stunning lions’ claw
To take me to my home

As motorcycles speed through me
In all directions
My worries are all gone
You gave me the strength to step on

And now I've finally found the awesome one
To watch after my blind spot
All I have to do
Is to depend on you

You treat me like a boss
You open roof that close
With a panoramic view

Can you figure what the song is trying to illustrate? :D 
ps: sounds like a comprehension test eh? Heh. 

peugeot 308

It is the features of the new Peugeot 308!

Aiya, I know you probably have guessed from the title of this post. LOL! 

But were you able to spot the words in the lyrics that we intentionally changed? :D

Anyway, that aside, if you're a driver or is a fan of car, you're going to be impressed with Peugeot 308's impressive new features that I'm going to share! 

Being a driver myself, I'm thrill about the stylish design of the new Peugeot 308

The car includes an award-winning i-Cockpit (omg! Touchscreen!!! How convenient!), blind spot monitor, a panoramic glass roof and many more!


Personally, I feel that the blind spot monitor is an excellent feature for drivers! Especially when we tend to forget to check our blind spot after a tired day at work. 

So I really like this blind spot monitoring feature, which enhance and reinforce safety on the road! Personally, I have too many encounters on the road when reckless motorists attempted to weave through the traffic at high speed! Can you imagine that in split seconds they may just be right at your blind spot! I got to admit I'm often caught off guarded, and many a time a potential accident could just have happened. :/ 

Being a driver on the road for the last 3 years, the awesome feature of Blind Spot Monitoring is definitely my favourite among all the new features of Peugeot 308! 

You can hop over to Peugeot's official website to find out more about Peugeot 308 and hopefully this sharing can also raise the awareness of road safety to all drivers! ^^

By him. 


  1. Haha, this baby picture always cracks me up everytime. Such an adorable picture and yes that is exactly how i feel on Fridays. Over all a good post.

  2. This is a very funny post. It just changed my mood and made me laugh. You have a good sense of humour.

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