Thursday, October 22, 2015

Recipe: Popiah Wraps

Made a twist to the usual popiah. :) 

Maybe I can call this an East-meet-West fusion? Heh.

When the Eastern popiah meets the Western wrap, we have a... 

popiah wrap! 


I know, the name is so.......... 

unoriginal? :P

Nevermind, I'll let the picture do the talkings~

Not the first time that we are having a 'popiah' party at home. You can read my recipe for popiah here and my take on making popiah at home! :)

DIY popiah at home with your love ones is definitely a good idea! So much fun involved! ^^

But #thetruthis, it's not so easy to roll a perfect popiah. T

he problem with making popiah at home is that the skin is really thin, so it tears really easily. Especially when we are not popiah experts. :/ 

Also, with a family of big eaters, we could easily finish 50 popiah skins in one setting! I kid you not.

But with wraps, just 2 packets of 8 each and we are good! ^^ 

Of course, we love it because wraps and popiah goes really well too! 

My choice of wraps will always be Mission. I think I have tried all the different flavours of wraps that they have and his is one of their latest wrap, 6-grains! 

How to make my popiah wrap?

1. Toast the wrap lightly (you can do it in many ways, all explained on Mission's packaging!).

2. Smear a little sweet sauce and chilli sauce onto the toasted wrap.

3. Layer with a piece of lettuce before putting in 1-2 tbsp of popiah filling.

4. Roll up and it can be served whole or cut into half. 

Much more filling ans satisfying. :) 

Love this so much that I made it again for mummy's birthday celebration! :P

But this time round, instead of the usual popiah filling, I made a simple one with just turnip, YAM, carrot, beansprout and black fungi. 

It was so good!! Yam is the way to life! Hahaha! :D #confessionofayamlover. Maybe next time I'll try with pumpkin! :D 

If you love kueh pie tee, you can find my recipe here! :)

So this was the full dinner spread the other night. 

Popiah wraps + kueh pie tee + Indian curry + butter chicken! ^^

We ended up using the wraps to mop up the curry gravy too! Heh. 


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