Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Recipe: Rice Burger

Previously I've shared how to make a ramen burger and a simple fish fillet burger, today I'm sharing the recipe for a rice burger! :D

Burger sounds more interesting now? ^^

This recipe is great for all the 饭桶 out there! Hahahaha! #punintended. :P

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Ingredients for 4 rice burgers:
2 cups cooked Japanese rice
Filling of your choice (I chose to keep it simple with my favourite fish fillet! ^^)
1 tbsp cooking oil

1.  Mix the rice.

2. Press the rice into a round moulds (I use heart shape one though). 

3.  Heat a cooking pan over medium heat, pour the cooking oil onto the pan, fry until the rice burger turns slightly brown on both side. Remove from the pan. Repeat for the rest of the rice burgers.

4. To assemble, place one rice burger on a plate, put lettuce on top with  mayonnaise. Top up with your choice of filling and more mayonnaise, Then top with another rice burger. Serve immediately.  

I tried making a fried rice burger too! Hehe.. Prefer the fried rice one because more flavourful! :D

On a side note, do remember that this recipe will only work well with Japanese rice as it is sticky enough to hold together. Other rice grains wouldn't give good results. The rice burger would probably not hold its shape ya? 

Heh. Have fun making something different and yummy for yourself and your love ones! ^^