Sunday, December 18, 2011

Kublai Khan Mongolian B.B.Q. Buffet

Yesterday had Annual Philotes Dinner '11 with some of my secondary schoolmates. I say schoolmates instead of classmates because we are so bonded that our friendships are beyond classes! :) 

Settle on Kublai Khan Mongolian B.B.Q. Buffet. Really thank Bernice for putting in so much effort to gather everyone for the event and for sourcing of the venue. 

My #22. buffet of the year! :P Quite a nice place I will say, the setting is very Mongolism. The place was packed with people, mostly Muslim.     

Look at the number of people at just one of the counter! :/ 

I would say the place is very SAKURA style, just that the cooked food are much nicer than SAKURA! 

Starter:mushroom soup, slow braised fish maw soup and salad counter
Mongolian BBQ: beef, lamb,  chicken, pineapple , mushrooms, spring onions, green pepper, chilli, onions, carrots, cabbage, kang kong, bean sprouts and chinese parsley
Japanese Cuisine: sushi maki, sashimi, tempura
Seafood Buffet: poached tiger prawn, crayfish, baby octopus, mussel, scallop
Chinese Cuisine
Hot Entree Selection
Desserts & finger food 

Quite a large variety right? I didn't bother to take all the food that I ate this time round, too many plates! lol! I recommended the dim sum and cooked food! You can just skip the Japanese counter. :/ Hmm.. think I'm come back again for the delicious cooked food! haha! 

I ate so much that the friends joked if I'm expecting! LOL! Actually just 8 plates. Sounds a lot but I can eat more! :P I think this amount is like 2-3 times of what other people ate. :X 

Address – 9 Penang Road #04-01, Park Mall Singapore 238459
Tel : 63344888 , Fax : 63342324
Email : 

There were 20 of us. So we were given the VIP room!

Feel like we are eating in some tent right? Haha! Though the setting is good, the service is really rubbish! :( The service crew was quite rude and no one clears our plates! >:(

I appreciate our friendships a lot! 

5 years have passed, but it feels like nothing have changed since we left NVSS. :)

 I'm actually thinking of how our Annual Philotes Dinner '21 would be like! :D 

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