Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Too beautiful

I really really really cannot STOP MYSELF FROM BEING A GEEK WHENEVER I STUDY SCIENCE. :P Nature is just too too too amazing. :') There are still so much left unknown to be discovered, so much potentials in this field, cancer biology I meant. I seriously cant wait for more discoveries to be made! Of course, new discoveries may not be all true too. But that's the beauty of science right? Never trust all the words from your professors! :P

Sorry, i'm abit too excited about future of science. :P Cant wait for the day when our mystery genome is being known inside out! (you be amazed by how little we human understand about our own body mechanism) The same to the day when we finally at least know more about the universe too!!! But I guess I won't be alive to witness that? :(

I'm a geek like this. But I can cook! 


Decided to make my own lunch today. :D #food  (Taken with instagram)Fried rice w hams and beans. 👍 #food  (Taken with instagram)

Made myself fried rice for lunch the other day :D I use sesame oil to cook which gives extra fragrance! Yum yum~ 

Tomato paste and purple wheat noodles. #food  (Taken with instagram)

Bought a bottle of tomato paste and cook it with Koka's purple wheat noodles today. ^^

#randomfact I have never ordered or cooked a cream pasta before, find it too creamy. :/ 

Double McSpicy and seaweed fries!!:D #food  (Taken with instagram)

Double Mcspicy with shaker fries.

The anti-fastfood girl went to get herself McDonald again yesterday. Shoot her please. 

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