Sunday, July 15, 2012

Swatow Dimsum Buffet

Hi all, buffet queen is back! This time round to Swatow Seafood Restaurant. :) My third visit there by the way. 

This was a long planned food tasting with Julie and Li Feng, both from my lab. It was kinda a farewell treat to Julie who will be leaving Singapore soon. :( She's an exchange student from UfT actually. Her background is kinda cool also, Julie is a Mexico and Japan mix blood and she goes to Canada to study. So multicultural eh? Oh, and she has a twin! So cool right not? Gonna miss this girl so much after she leaves. :'(

So anyways, she loves dimsum so I suggested bringing her to Swatow buffet, since she told me she eats a lot. 

I finally have u!!! #liusabao (Taken with Instagram)I have gone crazy. :’) #liushabao #custard #food #sgfood #dimsum #pau (Taken with Instagram)

Reason why I have to bring her to Swatow. 

Another killer. #food #sgfood #dimsum #pau #hightea  (Taken with Instagram)

Anything oozing is good.

I love this because it’s #pumpkin !:D  (Taken with Instagram)

Swatow even have pumpkin dim sum now! Omg, you have me totally for this.

Oh yes, I did mention Julie telling me she can eat a lot right? She told me she skipped yesterday dinner and didn't eat anything for today just for this buffet. I was like WOW. But turned out, she ate for 15mins and told me she's full. -.- My stomach was barely 20% full then. T.T
Ok, so I thought at least I still have Li Feng to eat with me. But.. he got full shortly too. I was like, what?! We were barely half way through the buffet. Seriously, we have only just started and they were all full. So what do I do? Eat by myself with them staring at my monster appetite. I-cannot-be-more-awkward-then-that. So, we left kinda early, with me like 60% full? Too awkward and embarrassing to eat alone.

Taken with Instagram


Taken with Instagram

My weakness. 

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I recommend the Vietnamese spring roll in the middle.

#food #foodie #foodstagram #foodspotting #foodphotography #sgfood #sgigfoodie #dimsum  (Taken with Instagram)

Ok, I like the black sesame and red bean desserts the best here. The lotus rice is good too as well as the egg noodles! :D

#food #foodie #foodstagram #foodspotting #foodphotography #sgfood #sgigfoodie #dimsum  (Taken with Instagram)

Sesame pau! Oozing one, must have!

#food #foodie #foodstagram #foodspotting #foodphotography #sgigfoodie #sgfood #dimsum  (Taken with Instagram)

I like their beancurd skin one and their siew mai! Big, fat and juicy. :D

#food #foodie #foodstagram #foodspotting #foodphotography #sgfood #sgigfoodie #dimsum #nofilter (Taken with Instagram)

Must have the pumpkin one and their Har gao is good too! Really very big and juicy prawns. :)

#food #foodie #foodstagram #foodspotting #foodphotography #sgfood #sgigfoodie #dimsum  (Taken with Instagram)

Not forgetting their durian balls. SPAM.

Can you believe I ate all of these alone, with my two dear friends staring at me? Haha! Ok, so as 'scientist' we started discussing on why-lirong-eats-and-don't-grow-fat. We have the hypothesis in place, any researcher wanna work on me? I'm kinda curious too. 

Anyways, the service at Swatow is also something I need to highlight. It's awesome, like really. The aunties there are really super nice and friendly! :D I think none of the restaurant/cafes I have visited could match the warm hospitality I received from them. :) It's not just today alone, all my previous 2 visits I feel the same way too. Thumbs up to them for this. 

We went separate way after the meal, both of them we were so tired because they have been rushing experiments. :/ So I got home and concussed on the sofa for 2 hours? Not sure why I'm so tired, guess I'm falling sick. D: 

For once I don’t have to cook dinner myself. Cooked the brother!:D  (Taken with Instagram)

The brother made dinner tonight, because I was sleeping. :D

A soup filled with collagen. ^^ #soup #food #homemade #sgfood #asian  (Taken with Instagram)

and I tweeted, 'cooked the brother' instead of 'cooked by the brother' One word missing can really make a huge different.

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