Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Review: Yomenya Goemon

How was everyone's 121212? Mine was spent in the lab with my beloved cells. Well, at least I get a good dinner with the people in my lab. :) Yups. So we went to Star Vista, suggested by me of course. :P It is the first naturally cooled mall in Singapore! I must say the design of the building is really pretty! :)

Walked around a bit and settled on Yomenya Goemon. Just look at the wide range of pastas! 

Youmenya Goemon is the original Japanese pasta shop since 1976, which began its roots in Shibuya.Its unique creations such as the mentaiko pasta and shabu shabu pork pasta are examples of the perfect fusion between Japanese and Italian ingredients.

Most of us ordered their regular set meal, $19.50. This comes with a choice pasta, soup, salad and a drink. You can also choose their dessert set meal, $23.00. as the name suggests you get all of the above and a choice dessert. 

Soup Hokkaido cream pasta. 

Napolitnean pasta

Olive roasted duck pasta

Cream crab pasta

Lobster bisque pasta


Chocolate cake

Mango pudding

I really love the food choices there, I had a hard time deciding what to get. Everything looks so good! It's really a good choice for pasta-lovers who want something different from the mainstream. :)

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