Friday, April 20, 2018

Baby J's nursery tour

Hi guys!

A much delayed post, but I'm finally giving everyone a room tour of baby J's nursery room! Better late than never ya? :P 

I spent most of the time during my 3rd trimester thinking and decorating baby J's room. I'm really excited and enthusiastic about it! I think it's like doing something I longed for and never get to have? So I wanted my baby to have a beautiful (in my opinion) nursery room that she can happily play and grow up in.  

Ok, before you get too high of an expectation for baby J's room. It's actually quite simple, nothing too fanciful or pinterest worthy ok! Haha! Must set your expectation first. :P 

When we did our home renovation, we left a room empty because we have already planned for it to be a nursery room. 

This is the look when you enter from the door. 

The theme of our home is white and grey, hence the furnitures that I got for baby J's room didn't go far from the theme. No bright and attention seeking colours please. I cannot. 

However, I didn't want baby J's room to be too dull as well. A bit sad for a young baby right? So I did add in some colours here and there. Like the armchair that we got from Ikea. 

I breastfeed most of the time on the armchair or just carry baby J when she doesn't want me to put her down. 

Miffy mat from Taobao! Don't ask me what for, I bought it because.. CUTE! Haha!

The cupboard and trolley tray are from Ikea too. 

Between the tray and cupboard is a diaper changing board. Now placed on the cot. :) 

It helps to save space for sure! 

What is inside?

Obviously baby's stuff. Which is like a lot! Unknowingly, I bought way too much stuff for baby J! Hahaha! Can't blame me right? Baby girl's clothings are just way too cuteeeee to resist! #takemymoney

We choose a relatively tall cupboard as we foresee that we'll need a lot of storage. True enough, it's overflowing. Haha! 

I keep her clothes mainly on the first 3 drawers, the rest are stuff like her towels, swaddles, wet wipes and cotton wools.

This tray is to keep things that are needed on a daily basis. Like her diapers, diaper cream, lotions, nail clippers, wet wipes and etc. 

Some of baby J's first few stuffed toys, now accompanying her by her bed. 

Her cot is from Palette Box

All along I wanted a white baby cot, so our choices were narrowed down. I like that this cot is very functional and inexpensive! Honestly, some cots are just too expensive! It's a 6-in-1 cot by the way. 

I remembered when we were visiting all the different baby fairs, one auntie told us this. Don't waste your money on the cot, spend it on the mattress instead. How true! Ultimately, baby is sleeping on the mattress. The cot most importantly, must be stable and safe! 

Yes, added an extra touch to the cot by decorating it with baby J's ultrasound photos. In case you are planning to, please do not laminate ultrasound photos! The heat will damage the photos! I bought transparent pockets to slot the photos in instead. :) If you're hardworking, you can scan the photos then print out! That way, you can laminate. :) 

Bought a mosquito net because... pretty. Haha! And to prevent mosquitoes too. :P

My mattresses are from Jarrons & Co. Our removable diaper changing board is from them too. :) 

Mosquito net from Taobao by the way. I shopped way too much on it. 

The mobile which kept baby J very entertained is from Palette Box too! Agapababies is selling as well. :)

The mobile is rather expensive, almost the same price as the cot! Haha! But we like that it has night light, plays music, rotatable and is white and grey in colour. LOL!

Another thing that I've thought through a lot was wallpaper. I did consider doing up the room with cute wallpapers and I did research on it as well. However, I didn't find a design that I particularly like. Then my husband brought up the possibility of using wall stickers instead. He found this website, Bright Star Kids, which offers a lot of cute room decorations for baby nursery room! Yup, so that's how I ended up selecting some wall stickers from them and DIY it by myself! ^^

Good thing about their wall stickers is that it's customisable, easily pasted and removed too! 

I did all the pasting by myself when I was heavily pregnant! 

Another reason why we hesitated on wallpaper was that we took into account that we might have a second child and what if its a boy and we might have to revamp the whole room? It would be quite troublesome with wallpaper I feel. 

So here's my baby in her sweet dream. ^^

I ordered 2 shades of clouds stickers so that her room wouldn't be too picky. Haha! Turquoise to match the armchair and trolley tray colour! ^^

Hubby was amazed by how I managed to stick the stickers so neatly and straight? Haha! Easy, just stick a string on the wall to guide you! ^^

Besides the cloud stickers, I also got some cute animal wall stickers to make the room more child friendly! Haha! Prior to getting these stickers from Bright Star Kids, I actually bought some from Taobao which obviously didn't work out because of poor quality. 

These stickers don't tear easily and are easy to stick and remove! 

Reserving this corner as her play area. ^^

Meanwhile, sleep tight and grow well, my baobei. <3

ps: her super cute head band from @bowlettesg and her customised beansprout pillow from @quirkibabies :)



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