Sunday, February 10, 2013

Lunar New Year Day 1

Started the day with daddy's mee sua for breakfast. Has been long since daddy last cooked. Yums totally! <3 

ootd is my first cheongsam. Heh. 

Because it's CNY I have all the rights to camwhore.

Grab mummy in to 'bai nian' too. We are in similar outfit actually! 

Lirong the driver. 
I haven't started the engine thus I've not bucketed my belt! I'm a good driver thank you. 

Lunch at the uncle's place. 

Iterally all balls.

We asked the uncle 'no vege?' He was like 'wo men bu chi cai' meaning, we don't eat vege! Ok can. 

Another Pen Cai which was shiok to the max! Oops, my red toes. *shy* 

So let the meat-ilicious feast start! 

Some ingredients from the pen cai. 

This, homemade prawn rolls, were so DELICIOUS! Omg! They were just right infront of me! *right into the tummy* 

Brother the king of kids. 

Qiao and her little sissy, Abby!

Ling and her little bro, Carson. 

Stole him. :P

This is how we roll. 

Moved up to the entertainment room. 

Gym corner.

Who places a mirror infront of a treadmill right? Hahahaha!! 

Good lighting means camwhore time. 


Back home for dinner. 

Grilling the angry birds! 
I laughed like mad when the angry birds bloated up because of the heat!! Seriously funny! 

Look look!! Bloated bird!!! HAHAHAHAH!!! Sorry maybe it's just me. :P 

Alright that's for day 1. Stay tune for more!

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