Monday, August 25, 2014

Review: Tai-Parfait

Made a trip to Bugis Junction a few days back and I'm so amazed by the food options! Especially the revamped basement, which is always the snack paradise for me. 

Amongst the many new eateries in Bugis, Tai-Parfait is one of the biggest hype in this food paradise. 

From what I gathered, Tai-Parfait is especially popular at the flagship outlet in Japan. So Singapore's outlet is their first overseas store and it's gaining such as much popularity. I have to say, thanks to Instagram? I've gotten to know about them through Instagram too! Seriously, the power of media.  

Tai-Parfait is a Japanese fusion dessert made up of Taiyaki, filling and topping of either ice-cream or fruit. 

If you don't know, Taiyaki is actually a fish-shaped traditional Japanese pancake. 

Their Taiyaki comes in four flavours; Azuki, Matcha, Custard Cream and Chocolate. 

Here's a closer look at the Taiyaki, the body is filled with either of the 4 flavours! So a piece like this without any parfait is $2.20. 

To order your very own Taiyaki, it only takes 2 steps:
1. Choose your topping (as you can see from the picture, there are a total of 11 different toppings!)
2. Choose your filling from the 4 flavours available.

Being a matcha and azuki fan, I'm definitely having the Tai-Parfait Match & Azuki ($4.90). :D 

Had a hard time deciding my filling though, I couldn't make up my mind on azuki or matcha. #firstworldpain. In the end I picked azuki. 

First bite into it and I was... TOTALLY SOLD! 

ZOMG! This was one of the best thing I've eaten for the week. I kid you not. 

Not a very clear photo, but unlike the usual Taiyaki, Tai-Parfait's pancake was soft and yet chewy! In fact it tasted a little like mochi's texture, except softer. I'm so in love. *insert heart-shape eyes*

On a side note, I would wish that the topping was more. Just me being greedy. Hehehe.. I totally understand the queue now. So I suggest that you visit on a weekday please! Only go on the weekends when you have too much time to kill. Don't say I never warn you first. Hah. 

Anyway, here's a list of the selections at Tai-Parfait:

Tai-Parfait Hokkaido Soft Serve ($5.90)
Tai-Parfait Hokkaido Soft Serve with Honey Comb ($6.90)
Tai-Parfait Strawberry Chocolate ($4.90)
Tai-Parfait Strawberry Cream ($4.90)
Tai-Parfait Strawberry Caramel ($4.90)
Tai-Parfait Banana Cheese Cream Crunch ($4.50)
Tai-Parfait Banana Chocolate ($4.20)
Tai-Parfait Banana Caramel ($4.20)
Tai-Parfait Match & Azuki ($4.90)
Tai-Parfait Kinako & Brown Sugar ($4.50)
Tai-Parfait Mixed Fruits ($4.20)

Would love to come back for more!! 

200 Victoria Street
Bugis Junction #B1-03A
Singapore 188021
Tel 6333 1500


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