Monday, October 20, 2014

Media invite: Yum Cha @ Serangoon Gardens Country Club

When one think of good and affordable dim sum in Singapore,Yum Cha is probably one of the top picks.
Yum Cha Restaurants first opened its door in the heart of Chinatown before expanding to launch Yum Cha Garden, at Serangoon Gardens Country Club and recently,Yum Cha at Changi. 
But do you know that beside being well known for serving up delicious dim sum delicacies, Yum Cha Restaurants have also increased the repertoire of their menu from sumptuous spread to seafood dishes? 
I was invited to Yum Cha Garden recently for a unique Yum Cha experience. The restaurant is surely more than just dim sum. ^^ 

Unlike the outlet at Chinatown, Yum Cha Garden's dining area is much more spacious. 

Dinner started with 2 of the many appetizers offer at Yum Cha. 

Crispy Salmon Fish Skin, $8.

Love the crispiness of the fish skin which became too addictive! Heh. 

 A bit of chilli powder on it definitely helps to spurt the appetite as well. ^^

Crispy Roasted Pork, $12.

We love our crispy pork belly, especially the moment when the fat melts in our mouth. *.* 
However, I feel that the flavour was missing for this. 

Of course a dining experience at Yum Cha wouldn't be completed with some dim sum. 

Do you know that at different Yum Cha outlets, you would expect a slight variation in their dim sum menu? 

Some of the dim sum was exclusively at that particular outlet because it is created by the chef there. :)

Deep-fried Cheese Prawns Balls with Almond, $3.80.

A very unique dim sum that you won't find it anywhere else because this is created by the chef at Yum Cha Garden. 

Cheese enveloped by a prawn balls. I think the chef must be a cheese lover! Heh. 

Crystal Chives Dumpling, $3.80.

Crystal dumplings are not easy to make because of the crystal skin, but Yum Cha has made a well-executed one! 

Siew Mai with Fish Roe, $4.20.

If you prefer more prawns to meat ratio in your siew mai, this would be the one for you. 

Do note that the above prices are for 3 pieces and all the dim sum would be served in traditional dim sum baskets. :)

As mentioned, we didn't come for the dim sum of course. We came for this, a "Tapino" dinner.

Pomfret Hot Pot, $98.

 ‘Tapino’ dining style is a traditional Cantonese practice where friends and family gather to cook and reminisce over a pot of hot soup.

We had the bestselling Pomfret Tapino! But if you're not a seafood person, there are also alternatives like Kurobuta Pork Tapino featuring a tasty broth laced with Sake as well as Sakura Chicken Tapino for a healthier choice.  

A close up to the freshness of the pomfret. 

In order for all customers to enjoy pomfret that is cooked to the right done-ness, all Tapino would be cooked for you by their experience staff! 

The fish slices were not just fresh and sweet on its own, the soup was really tasty! A very simple hot pot itself, but that's what makes it good.

This huge hot pot is able to serve 6-10 pax but they do come with a smaller version for 2-4 pax as well. :)

Salted Egg Prawn, $46.

Love the plating of this dish. Simply photogenic! The prawn itself was fresh too! 

Literally licking the shells of the prawns for the salted egg yolk. Heh. 

Fried Crispy Chicken, $36.

Perhaps we were quite full then, the chicken didn't quite impress me. 

Meat was a little tough and was slightly lacking in flavours. But the sweet and spicy sauce served along does help. :) 

Beancurd with Mushroom & Vegetable, $36.

The dish was overall satisfying even though the beancurd wasn't as silky as I would like it to be. 

Steamed Rice with Chinese Sausages and Taro Served in Hot Stone Pot, $40.

I love the concept of this dish, to serve the normal steamed rice in a hot stone pot. This enhances the flavours of the rice overall! 

Simple and homey ingredients in it, but it was really good. 
Would have gone for another bowl if not for my exploding stomach. :P

Apple Jelly with Lemon Sherbet, $4.80.
Durain Mochi, 3 for $4.80.

There is always room for dessert no matter how full one is. Heh. 

Apple jelly with lemon sherbet is a really good dessert to get as it is really refreshing and certainly easy on the stomach as well. :) 

If you're a fan of durian and mochi, You'll need to try the latter. :D

Thank you Yum Cha Garden for the hosting. :)
I'm already foreseeing myself coming here more frequently with my family! 

Serangoon Garden Country Club
22 Kensington Park Road
Singapore 557271
Tel: 6343 1717


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