Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Review: Muthu's Curry @ Race Course Road

If you remember, I know you won't. Haha! Last year I wrote an article for Stay.com on the Top 5 Curry Houses in Singapore. So a year later, I'm back at one of my top pick, Muthu's Curry! ^^ 

I think Muthu's Curry is quite an household name in Singapore? Surely it doesn't need much of an introduction, especially for Indian curry lovers!:) 

For the dinner that I was invited, it was neither to try their renowned Southern or Northern Cuisines. I was invited to taste their Mannuvasani Menu. It is a special menu created to celebrate their 46th anniversary in Singapore! Available for now till 31st October 2015, Mon-Fri at their Race Course Road flagship outlet only! :)


Mannuvasani Menu, $32++ for 2. 

This special menu is is an inspiration from Chettinad in South India. Also the birthplace of the brand's late founder Mr Ayyakkannu! An appropriate way to pay attribute to the founder on this special occasion. :) 

Comes with 5 main dishes, 1 big bowl of rice (much needed) and 2 small desserts. I would say $32++ is a really attractive price! 

Vendaikkai and Mochai Mandi 

A combination of cannellini (white kidney beans) and lady's finger. This is definitely my favourite among the 5! Just a slight hint of spiciness for me, I guess the vegetable must have helped to mask the spiciness a little?  

One of the reason why I couldn't resist on getting more riceeeee! 

Vazhakkai Varruval

Vazhakkai Varruval is ripened banana marinated in turmeric, chilli powder, cumin, fennel and coriander, lightly battered and shallow fried. Such an unusual combination? Indeed! 

I don't know how unripe banana should taste like, but this version tasted like potatoes to me! In fact I didn't know until my host told me the truth! Haha! 

Vazhathandu Kootu

Another dish made from banana! This time from it's shoots! I much prefer the previous version because of the more flavourful and intense spices used! :D 

Milagu Varutha Kozhi 

A masala chicken dish that won our hearts as well. The mixed spices gave the chicken a spicy and peppery kick to the palate. But what I like most is the nice tender chicken pieces! 

Vanjaram Meen Kulambu

Thick cut mackerel fillet cooked in a good mixture of Indian spices. I'm not a big fan of mackerel fish, I find the meat to be too drying for me. But I surely couldn't resist the flavourful gravy!!! Extra serving of rice warrants. 

Serving along in the menu are 2 portions of buttermilk and payasam. 

Buttermilk neutralise the spiciness from the food of course, while Payasam (rice pudding) is a traditional Indian dessert.

Besides the Mannuvasani Menu, I would totally recommend you to give their naans a try as well! Choice of either cheese, garlic or butter. Which is my favourite?

ALL OF THEM! Had a basket of naans to myself and it wasn't enough for me. :P

I like how the naans here are served freshly toasted! It was warm when we picked it up and so soft when we took a bite!

Kashmiri naan, an interesting naan flavour that I never know.

It's a sweet naan to be specific. Your naan topped with crushed nuts and dried fruits.

Goodness! It was so yummy!! This naan flavour is created for the sweet tooth!

Kashmiri naan, I'm going to remember this name for now onwards!

Curry Fish Head

And how can you not order the Curry Fish Head when at Muthu's! In you don't already know, Muthu's Curry is the pioneer of Curry Fish Head in Singapore! Look how successful this dish is in our local food scene now. 

Frozen mango lassi

Try me, you will need a drink like this with all the heats going on in your mouth and stomach. Haha! Mr Tan was literally sweating buckets! 

Or maybe a drink like this would be more suitable? :P

How we burnt some of the calories off. LOL! 

Just joking! Haha! we had a small hands on activity to make our own roti! ^^

It was really funny to see how Mr Tan was 'massaging' the dough instead of 'rolling'! I think I grew an abs just from the laugh. :P

Pop by Muthu's Curry for some authentic Indian flavours! ^^

 Mannuvasani Menu is available till 31st October 2015, weekdays at their Race Course Road flagship outlet only! :)

Muthu's Curry
138 Race Course Road, #01-01
Singapore 218591
Tel: +65 63921722
Opening Hours: 1030am - 1030pm daily



  1. Hello! Can i ask if you actually took GEK1537 this NUS module in the end? If you have can you tell me how the module was?

  2. Hello! Can i ask if you actually took GEK1537 this NUS module in the end? If you have can you tell me how the module was?

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