Thursday, December 17, 2015

Review: Christmas Log Cakes 2015

Yes, it is time of the year again! 


One of my favourite festive. Or rather, a hot favourite of many? :) 

Anyway, what's Christmas without a feast? And Christmas is not the same without the usual log cake, turkey and etc on the table! Well, that's how I feel. :)

My family is no Christian, but we love Christmas still! We celebrate it more like to end 2016 on a good note. :) 

So here's a list of some Christmas Log Cake that I've tried! Thank you to all the different brands and companies for sending me so many goodies! <3

1. The Prettiest Log Cake - Bakerzin's Pistachio Yule Log, 1kg, $70.

So elegant and pretty looking! I can't bear to slice it up at all! <3

This cake has a lot of flavours in one! 
Bottom up:
- Ground almond and pistachio dacquoise (so yummy!!)
- Apple jam with diced apple and smirnoff green apple vodka (not very strong)
- Apple and pistachio mousse
- Chocolate layer covering

We enjoyed the cake very much. ^^

If you're thinking of something more intellectual and fun, this Christmas Puzzle Tree from Bakerzin might be what you're looking for!

Find out more on Bakerzin's festive offering at their website! :)

2. The Cutest Log Cake - Delifrance's Joy of Delifrance, 1kg, $60.

I just feel so happy looking at it! So cute! ^^

For this festive, Delifrance also carries a Matcha Azuki log cake (1kg, $48) and White Chocolate and Raspberry (1kg, $48). 

Personally, I still prefer the chocolate log cake! 

If you're hosting a big party, Delifrance also offers a range of sweet and savoury catering items! 

Think Traditional Roast Turkey, Roasted New Zealand Striploin Beef, Chicken Ham, Macarons, Eclairs, Signature croissants and fruit tarts! Many more! 

Hop over to Delifrance's page to find out more about their Christmas Party Packages! ^^

3. The Unique Log Cake - Pies & Coffee's Choco-Holly Indulgence, 1kg, $54.

Yes, unique because it isn't shape like your normal log cake! Haha! 

It has a chocolate hazelnut mousse, homemade pistachio buttercream, caramelised mixed nuts and streusel sandwiched between an eggless chocolate sponge! 

So sinful but so good! 

They also have other flavours like Festive Eggless Chocolate Loaf with peanut butter (1kg, $38), The Classic Fruitcake (1kg, $39) and Christmas Rhapsody (1kg, $49).

Personally, I will recommend the Eggless Chocolate Loaf and The Choco-Holly! 

If you're looking into a party at home. Pies & Coffee offers a range of takeaways for their sweets and savouries as well! 

Head over to their website to find out more! :)

4. The Elegant Log Cake - Purple Sage's Christmas Log Cake, 1kg, $80++.

Love how Purple Sage cleverly designed their log cake to match their branding! They make the traditional chocolate log cake looks so atas and elegant!

Read here to find out more on Purple Sage's Christmas catering menu for this season! :)

5. The Dead-by-Chocolate Log Cake - Stamford Catering's Chocolate Truffle Log Cake, 1kg $38++.

It says a lot when we finished the entire cake in an afternoon. Hahahaha! 

Read more about my review of Stamford Catering's Christmas specials here! :)

6. The Cheesecake Lover's Log Cake - Cat & the Fiddle's Naughty & Nice, 1.1kg, $42.90.

Cat & the Fiddle is a cheesecake specialist if I may call them. They have 15 different original cheesecake flavours under their belt! 

This chocolate cheesecake was another guilty pleasure for me. ^^

Find out more about their 15 other cheesecake choices on their website. 
You can even mix-and-match different flavours to form one complete cake yo~

7. The Ice Cream Log Cake - Swensen's Matcha Chocomallow, 1kg, $58. 

This is just 1 of the 6 ice cream log cake that Swensen's is offering for this festive! I was really surprised by the strong matcha taste! If you're a matcha lover, I recommend this! ^^

Click here to find out more about the other ice cream log cake flavours as well as what Swensen's has for you this Christmas! :)

8. The DIY Log Cake - CakesOnline's Raspberry Litchi Cake, 1kg, $58.

Ok, I know that this is just a cake, not log cake. Haha! CakesOnline's log cake selections can be found here.

Still gonna put it in as 'log cake' because I think it is quite sweet to customise a cake to celebrate with your love one. So why not during Christmas? :) 

By the way, CakesOnline is a relatively new start up, they specialises in baking cakes obviously and they delivers the cake right to your doorstep! Read about their story here. :)


Have you made your choice on which log cake to get after this post? Or you're more confused now?


It's ok, let's countdown to Christmas by having a different log cake each day! :P



Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone! 
Thank you to everyone of my readers for sticking by all these years. <3 



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