Thursday, December 10, 2015

Review: Griddy Gourmet Waffles @ Westgate + GIVEAWAY

The other night, Mr Tan and I literally had a journey to the west for a dinner invite by Griddy @ Westgate! 


I've been wanting to try Griddy everytime I walk passed the place. Well, I'm always game for exotic food, so savoury waffles is something I will like to try! :D 

But.. I was kind of deter by the size of the waffles? (picture above) Like it looks very massive and.. sinful! 


But I'm glad that we have tired because it tasted nothing like what I thought it would be!

ps: A GIVEAWAY at the end of the post! ^^

Mr Tan and I tried 2 of the sides on the menu.

Tempura Fish Stripes (6pcs) with Laksa Dip, $5.90.

The laksa dip had me.
I love the richness of the laksa taste! Not the very spicy kind, just rich and aromatic.

Mid Wings (6pcs) with Choice of 2 Dips, $7.90.

Usually diners can only choose 2 out of the 4 dips but for tasting purpose, we had all 4!

To dips to choose from:
Salted egg yolk
Creamy garlic

I like the last 3! I find the salted egg yolk dip to be too watery for my liking.

For a while, I felt so creative! 

Until.. Mr Tan totally judged me. :<


Moving on to the mains. 

You can't leave Griddy without trying their signature savoury waffles!

This is the most popular one, Griddy Burger, $9.90.

Waffles used is like your neighbourhood bakery kind, not like the other savoury waffles that I've tried. It's very thin and soft!

I like it this way because I don' feel too full from eating this and I can have more rooms for dessert! ^^

They also started to have pasta on the menu! Because some people are still not very keen on savoury waffles. Oh well, if you're one of them, then you're missing out! P 

Anyway, this is the Tomyum Pasta with Pan-seared Salmon, $10.90.

That blue drink is a Blue Lemonade, $3.90. I think they made it blue try to attract customers to try? We also tried other drinks like Lychee Mojito ($3.90), Mango Orange Curacao ($3.90) and Ice Yuzu ($2.90).

Honestly 49seats's tomyum pasta sets the bar too high!

So it's a wise move of Griddy to do something different. It's not the creamy tomyum kind, this is more like aglio olio. More soury than spicy I feel.

They also have 3 other flavours like Pasta with Battered Chicken and Laksa Sauce ($9.90), Pasta with Grilled Chicken and Salted Egg Yolk Sauce ($9.90) and Pasta with Almond Crusted Pacific Dory ($9.90).  

I think the one with laksa sauce will be nice? Since the laksa dip is so good! :D 

Mushroom Soup, $3.90.

Top up another $2.50 with every pasta dish purchased and you'll get a smaller version of the mushroom soup too! ^^

Nope, this is nothing like your campbell soup. This is real mushroom soup! 

Ok~ Time for my desserts! :D

Salted Egg Yolk and Caramel, $8.90.
We have tried salted egg yolk with waffles at 4 different places. None worked for us.
I guess, we are not a big fan of salted egg yolk on sweets. We find it weird. :/

So now I know why their salted egg yolk dip is so watery! 
So that it's flowy when poured on the dessert waffles!


Chocolate Madness, $11.30.

2 stacks of waffles with a rocher gelato and a chocolate gelato.

Pretty surprise that the waffles here were comparable to cafe standard! Even better than some cafes that we have been to. :P

Over the Rainbow, $11.50.

Cheesecake gelato, vanilla gelato with lots of marshmallow, raspberry sauce and everything sweet. Haha. 

Already feel that it's going to be very sweet just looking at it! Hahaha!

This creation is targeted more towards the kids so it makes sense. Haha!

 I like the vanilla gelato though!

Overall, I like how the pricing at Griddy is very competitive, quite wallet friendly for students too! Also a good place for family to dine at as well! ^^

I know you've been waiting for this. 


I'm hosting it on my Instagram (@lirongs), so hop over to take part! 

Look for this post for the giveaway! ^^

3 Gateway Drive, Westgate
Singapore 608532
Tel : 6465 9465
Operating hours: 11am to 10pm, daily.



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