Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Reviews: Le Bistrot du Sommelier @ Armenian Street // Oxwell & Co @ Ann Siang Road

If I were to write a post on my Favourite 10 best meals in 2015, the 2 restaurants that I'm introducing in this post will definitely be in the list. 

First up is Le Bistrot du Sommerlier (more on my dayre!). An authentic French restaurant located at Armenian Street (near Fort Canning).

Le Bistrot has been around for about 7 years? So they have actually made a name within the French community and beyond! I said so because when I was there for a dinner tasting, the ground floor (main dining area) was packed! When we were there on a Wednesday night! 

So we had the dinner at the second floor, the bar area.
 Much quieter and also nicer to talk and chill. In the end, we were glad that we chose to dine here instead of squeezing at the main dining area! ^^

Mr Tan and I probably love the place and food too much that we sat and enjoyed ourselves till almost 11 when we left! Hahaha! That's like almost 5 good hours there. ^^

Dinner started with some rillette and bread! 

Trust the French with their baguette! Finished the whole basket of breads happily. :D 

We tried the sesame ones and the plain ones.Both were so flavourful! Just spread some rillettes and I'm good.

Good thing is that the 2 rillettes that we have tried weren't too salty! You know how cured meat can be so salty right? So phew~

Anyway, serving portion of the rillettes at Le Bistrot goes by weight. 100g of rillettes can range from $9.90-$26 depending on what meat you choose (duck, pork, rabbit, mackerel, duck foie gras and etc.).
Takeaways are available too! ^^

We also tried an appetizer, Panache de fruits de Mer ($19++).

Basically prawn's babajuan, confit trout, sautéed squid and pourpier salad!

The prawn babajuan was very interesting! First time trying something like this! Like prawn wrapped in a pastry shell! 

My favourite was the sautéed squid! Love the smoky flavour! <3

And we had 4 mains! :P

1. Poulet roti, Cuisses en vol-au-vent de foie gras, jus Volaille aux Epices, for 2 ($68+). 

ps: I have no idea what I'm typing. Haha!

Anyway, this is our French Poulet done 2 ways (oven roasted and pan seared)! I really can't decide which one do I love more. Roasted one is drier but more flavourful, pan seared one is moister but not as flavourful. Haha! So I guess that makes a good combination? ^^

Served along is a very good puff pastry that's almost croissant alike! Within it, you'll find a foie gras under the pan seared chicken! Such a wonderful find! ^^

A very generous portion here that I think you might even need 3 to be able to finish this! 

Cotelette de porc canadienne rotie, pomme vigneronne ($38+)

An oven roasted Canadian pork chop served with potato vigneronne!

This is also Mr Tan's fav main of the night! 
While I like it because of the potato vigneronne! Basically layers of sliced potato with bacon strips in between. This was so yummy! I'm actually drooling at the thought of it! <3

Onglet de boeuf, $32+.

Pan seared beef 'onglet' served with shallots and garlic confit and French fries! 

I appreciate nicely executed red meats like this. Medium rare is always the benchmark for me and they have matched my expectation. 

I'll always have room for you~

This is the Poire Pochee, streuzel chocolat et ganache montee caraibe 66% ($17++).

It's a poached pear served with chocolate streuzel and caraibe 66% whipped ganache!

Something light to end off a heavy meal. ^^

I was anticipating this more!

Soufflé a la noisette, for 2 ($25++)

Hazelnut soufflé and dark chocolate ice cream and whipped cream. 

So huge right!!!! But I had no problem finishing because the souffle was so light~~ 

Creme brûlée a la Camille de Madagascar ($12.50)

Very big portion too. I mean bigger than the usual creme brûlée served. 

Strictly speaking, I haven't had a creme brûlée that is really good. By good I mean not overly sweet and has to be creamy.

We left the restaurant feeling really satisfied. But how not to right? Haha

This will be a place that I will want to bring friends over! 

Ps: they have very affordable lunch menu! Can check that out if you're around the corner.

53 Armenian St
Singapore 177940
Telephone: +65 63331982
Dining hours:
Mon – Sat: 12 – 3pm (Lunch)
Mon – Sat: 6 – 11pm (Dinner)
Rillette Bar:
Mon – Sat: 12pm to 12am



On a separate occasion, I had a great British-themed dinner at Oxwell & Co! Another great meal that will make into my list of top 10 favourite eats in 2015!

Oxwell & Co is a British style dining restaurant along Ann siang road. It's 3 storey high! 

Ground floor is the main dining area. But as you walk up the stair, it is as if you're walking up a person's stairway at home!

We had the pleasure to be invited to have a communal dining at Oxwell's private study room! 

It's like a private VIP room that has been designed and decorated to look like an old English study room! 

Mad gorgeousssss!!! <3 

So wish that I could just teleport the entire set up home (more photos on my dayre!). :P

Anyway, we were there for Oxwell's British style Christmas dining!
The restaurant is offering 3 festive dining options!
1. A fabulous feast - minimum of 3 to enjoy a 3 course dinner! $85/pax, you get to enjoy a sharing snacks, starters, personal mains and a dessert!
2. Also a fabulous feast, but $110 per pax! And this was what we have tried. :) More on it later~
3. Canapés package, $60-$80 per pax.

For the snacks, we have pork scratchings and spiced crispy corns.

Both were so dangerous! Because they were so addictive!!! I can't stop my hands from reaching for more! :P

Then we had 3 starters and plates of bread to go! I love Artisan bread so much that I've no problem finishing them all! :D

1. Spiced duck rillette (very different from the one I had at Le Bistrot! The rillette here has a lot of other ingredients like veggie and egg added to make it less jelak!)
2. Salmon gravlax
3. Roasted beetroot

My favourite has to be the salmon gravlax!

Moving on to the mains. 

For every main course, it comes with a choice of 2 sides!

You get to choose from duck fat roast potatoes, butter roasted sweet carrots, Brussels sprouts with maple butter and smoked bacon!

I love...


Omg. Am I too greedy? :P

I love Brussels sprouts basically and also, I didn't expect the bacon to be so good!! Must be the thick cut of bacon that I like.

I'm also having a new perspective towards duck fats now after trying the duck fat roasted potatoes!
Butter roasted sweet carrot was incredibly sweet!! I don't know how they do it?!
So impressed with the food basically. <3

We had 4 main courses.
1. Oven roasted Irish salmon.
Love the salmon on a bed of creamy hollandaise sauce!

2. Whole roasted challand duck.

Chef is very particular. It has to be this duck! 
Voted one of the hot favourite of the night!

3. Oven roasted Serma chicken with chestnut stuffing and pork jus.

I love the chestnut stuffing and pork jus more than the chicken!

But my fav was this!!
4. Crispy rolled kurobuta pork belly!

Cannot resist the crispy looking skin and of course more pork jus for me! :D

For desserts, we had orange & ginger cake.

The portion was very generous! 

That's not the end, it comes with a chocolate ice cream!

Really overwhelmed by the huge portion. Haha!

But I really like the chocolate ice cream though. So creamy!

Raspberry Trifle!

For once, I really find myself too full to have more servings of this! Such a pity. T.T

All in all, it was a fantastic dinner at Oxwell & co for us! ^^

Highly recommended if you have the budget for a good Xmas feast!

ps: Oxwell’s stylishly furnished Dining Room can accommodate up to 40 people for sit-down meals, and up to 50 for standing functions! For the private dining room, Oxwell Study, it can accommodate up to 16 people for sit-down meals and 30 for standing receptions. The signature Oxwell Bar can also be booked for canapés reception, and can fit up to 60 people!

(The booking of the Oxwell Study also gives guests the option of exclusive access to Oxwell’s new roof garden, offering panoramic views of Chinatown and the CBD skyline)

5 Ann Siang Road, Chinatown
Singapore 069688 
Telephone: +65 6438 3984
Opening Hours:
Mon:      16:00 - 00:00
Tue-Fri:  12:00 - 00:00
Sat:        16:00 - 00:00
Sun:       12:00 - 00:00



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