Saturday, July 21, 2012

Hotpot Culture again

Hello people, be prepared for a post filled with food. Don't say never warn beforehand. 

Yay! Going to watch batman~ :D  (Taken with Instagram)


This Thomas said my Instagram is either filled with food or a photo of me infront of a mirror. Ok, quite true.

#eiffeltower hanging over me. :D  (Taken with Instagram)

I seldom wear necklaces according to my outfits nowadays, I'm lazy like this. :/ So when I took this out, it was actually quite dusty. 

Started the day with a movie. OMG! So looking forward to it!:D

Caught it with the brother because both of us are #foreveralone. LOL! It was noon so we sneaked in food. Shhh... :X 
You know I eat a lot while the brother's appetite also doubled because of all his army training, so we kinda had a mini picnic in the theater. 

Sushi platter,
Old Chang Kee,
Bubble tea
and of course,

Best popcorn @ shaw NEX!:D #sgfood  (Taken with Instagram)

Cannot do without the best popcorn from Shaw @ NEX. :D 
I have a question, who takes their popcorn salted? No, I cannot, popcorn must be sweeted I insist! 

Ok, back to the movie. It's good, but sadly it didn't make me feel the way as Batman Return, that was real good. Anyways, I felt so sad and touched by Batman at the end that I teared. /hideface 

After the movie we went shopping a little because the brother wanted to get a MP4 and I bought one for him in the end. WHY AM I SO GENEROUS TO THIS PIG?! 

I love!:D #snacks  (Taken with Instagram)
Tea break after hours of waking:D #tea  (Taken with Instagram)

Well, at least my investment on him didn't go to waste. He treated me to tea. :D 
We bought one each of the French's croissant and Danish's croissant to share. I prefer French as always, support the authentic. :)

Afterwhich, came home and nua-ed a little before heading out to meet the seconday clique for Chee How's farewell dinner @ Hotpot Culture. 

Brought the brother along too, since everyone knows each other. NVSS is a big family like this. ^^ We were supposed to be the earliest because I drove, but ended up being late because I spent 25mins looking for a parking lot. REASON WHY I HATE DRIVING OUT! :(

Ready to feast!:D #dinner  (Taken with Instagram)

Food soon took away my anger. LOL

Tahu Telor #food  (Taken with Instagram)

Tahu Telok. <3

#sweet #sour #pork #food #sgfood #foodgasm #foodspotting #foodstamping #foodphotography  (Taken with Instagram)

Sweet & Sour Pork

#sweet #sour #fish #food #sgfood #food #foodgasm #foodporn #foodstamping #foodspotting #foodphotography  (Taken with Instagram)

Sweet & Sour Fish

Kong bao chicken #food #foodgasm #foodporn #foodspotting #foodstamping #foodphotography #instasg #instafood #dinner  (Taken with Instagram)

Kung Bao Chicken

Chocolate fondue!:D #dessert (Taken with Instagram)

Chocolate Fondue~

Ok, I surprised the guys with my black hole again. :/ Oh wells, I can't control right?
I ought the be a fatass given the amount I eat everyday. :X Thank god! Haha!
Thomas said I probably will have 8packs if I were to gym, given the amount I can eat. Really?! I don't mind having a toned body! :D But not 8pack please. O.o

Love all the polaroids taken tonight!❤ (Taken with Instagram)

Actually this is the secret motive why I ask the brother to come along. 

Machiam I'm the one leaving for Beijing right?! And I'm in a very awkward position. I thought I might be 'too tall' for the person behind, who knows the GAO REN was standing behind. ACT SMART!

I love NVSS! <3 

Another card made, kiddish though. Haha! But can&#8217;t expect much from a pri sch teacher?:P (Taken with Instagram)

Made a very kiddish card for Chee How. :P 


Backlog to yesterday, my course at MOE. 

Aww~ I nv knew I could communicate well with ppl? #levelup (Taken with Instagram)

Li Ki gave me a card too. <3 <3 <3

I think one thing I have gained from this attachment is communication skill too. Good for me. :)

Buffet tea break!:D  (Taken with Instagram)

The hungry ghosts. 

It was such a long course and the thing I remembered the most is cyber-responsibility. I think teacher being a glutton isn't a crime right? :P

I&#8217;m a sailor today! :P #ootd (Taken with Instagram)

I was a sailor yesterday. :D

#homemade #soup #dinner #sgfood #food #foodporn #foodstamping #asian #chinese #instafood #instasg #igsg  (Taken with Instagram)

Leaving you with a seafood soup from yesterday's dinner.


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