Saturday, April 11, 2015

Recipe: Bibimbap (birthday dinner 2015)

The last of my birthday post! :P 

Read part 1 here, where Mr Tan brought me for a failed surprise vintage high tea at House Dempsey! Haha. 

Part 2, where we had a cosy afternoon tea (yes, more sweets for us. :P) at O'Coffee Club. 

So finally, it's time to celebrate with my family. :) 

Well, usually we will head out for a buffet lunch/dinner, but the brother suddenly wanted to make a feast for me! 

Oh wow! It's definitely not an everyday affair that the bro is so willing to cook, of course I agreed excitedly! Heh. 

So he asked me for a cuisine and naturally, Korean came into my mind first! So Tadah~ presenting my Korean feast right at the comfort of home! :) 

Bibimbap, Korean mixed rice. 

One that I've always wanted to recreate at home! I'm not a big fan of rice, but I would be more than happy to finish a hotstone bibimbap any time! 

But, that's provided that I have scoops of the Korean hot sauce to go with the rice! :D 

Anyhow, excitement aside, it was really fun to recreate this dish together with my bro! Here's where we got our recipe from. I always like noobcook's recipes because she includes step-by-step guides! Especially useful for people like me who is trying something new in the kitchen! 

Certainly, some preparation work is needed to make this dish, but it will definitely be so worth it! 

Anyway, we didn't have any hotstone at home so we make do with our claypot! 

The trick to create that chaotah (burnt rice) without the hotstone is:

1. heat up the claypot until very hot
2. drizzle some oil onto the hot claypot
3. scoop in the cooked rice (rice should be still hot from the rice cooker), 
4. layer the rice with your toppings
5. cover the claypot with the lid, leave it on the stove for another minute or so, turn off the stove. Serve now!  

Guarantee burnt rice at the bottom of the dish! So yum yum! :D 

I don't know how to call this! But I was inspired to make this after visiting Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory!

Basically fried chicken coated with Korean hot sauce! I added Korean rice cake and roasted some honey sweet potatoes too! 

Bro marinated and fried the chicken while I did the cooking with the other ingredients! 

This was so good!! 
*bias towards anything that is spicy* 

Well, one that I'll say best represents Korean food! Guess where did he look up for the recipe? :D

My blog! Hahahaha! I made the same thing a few years back as well! :)

I love the glutinous rice stuffed in the chicken!!! So flavourful!! It has fully soaked up not just the flavourful ginseng chicken soup, but also the essence of the chicken! 

Korean seafood kimchi pancake.

This didn't really look like the exact one that I had intended to make. Oh wells~ 


Korean BBQ!

I love Korean food and I cannot lie. <3 

Some snapshot of the brother and I cooperating in the kitchen! All grabbed from my dayre. :P

So you see.. although the bro said HE IS GOING TO COOK FOR ME, I ended up having to cook alongside with him. >.< 

Ok. Not complaining. Hehe.. I actually quite like this bonding time together with him! :) 

All cleared with no leftovers. Heh. :D

Dessert of the night: red bean and matcha mousse.

This was made using the leftovers ingredients from my birthday cake! :)

Yup. I baked a birthday cake for myself! A very special one too. :P

Black sesame matcha red bean entremet! 

 Obviously created this for myself because the ingredients used were basically my favourites! Heh heh.. 

Didn't actually follow any recipe because there is no such cake. lol! But I did do my homework before making an entremet! One word, you need to plan ahead! 

 black sesame shortbread 
red bean mousse
black sesame shortbred
matcha mouuse
matcha mirror 

Aesthetically, this needs much improvements! That's why I didn't post on my instagram! :P

Taste wise, I feel that my black sesame has totally masked the taste of the red bean mousse! Should have just make do with matcha and black sesame instead. Haha! 

Nonetheless it was a good experience making this! :)

Anyway, I obviously can't finish the entire cake by myself, so I shared some with my family. Actually I anticipated them to not like the cake as I remembered that they didn't like matcha or black sesame in anyway. :/

But! Surprisingly, the parents love this cake! *phew* especially my dad! He said it was very flavourful! Yay! :D

In the end, I think my dad had 3/4 of the cake to himself! Haha! 

Bless birthday. :)

*oily face from all the cooking*

Forever 21. :P



  1. A belated happy birthday - good food and people at home is always a great way to celebrate.

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